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BDS 133: Rondophobia


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NFL week 13, listener feedback, Roy Jones Jr gets knocked out, Lance Stephenson has child support issues, Pete Rose still banned, Steve Smith threatens Santa, fan ejected for swinging on Jason Terry, Bo Ryan retires suddenly, the Redskins get caught cheating on Twitter, Gilbert Arenas wants WNBA players to play in thongs, a gay referee is harassed by Rajon Rondo, Ryan Mallet has matured quickly, Iman Shumpert delivers a baby, Tom Brady doesn’t want to talk about Trump, Sheldon Richardson turns over a new leaf, Trey Davis, Nkemdiche jumped out a window, John Wall in the strip club, Shaq sells right to future business, NFL officiating changes for play offs, Cowboys’ new media policy, Steph Curry commercial and this week in Mamba.


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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Queen Karen,

    Coming off the bench to take Justin’s spot!!

    Gotta give it up to Doughstax dropping those Bars!! We’ve got a broke, Gonzo looking mother fucker for a QB and still haven’t had a winning season without Harbaugh as the coach since 2002! My niners went O-for-Ohio and are so bad we can’t even tank properly. The Browns beat that ass, and still are going to end up with a better draft pick.

    And ever since Rod made the case Cam was obviously the MVP but didn’t want to read articles crying he didn’t have the typical stats for it, Cam has been balling out! His last six games he has 19 touchdowns and only 1 pick. 5 TDs for the third time in his last five games, and turned stone hands Ted Ginn into a factor in the fantasy playoffs. Keep your head to the sky!! Odell Beckham needs to chill though before he gets that Killa Cam curse put on him like Kaepernick.

    P.S. After Justin’s investigative reporting on NFL refs last week, I did my Googles and found out after their lockout a couple years ago these guys are getting PAID!! The average salary in 2011 was $149,000 and it’s supposed to go up to $205,000 by 2019! For a part-time job working once a week? Damn I need a career change!

    Hope y’all have a Great Christmas! Enjoy yourselves, much love.

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