Rod and Justin discuss the Super Bowl fall out, Cam Newton, Titus Young, Johnny Manziel investigation back on,  NBA lockout, Delmon Young,  Riley Cooper, Romanowski, Obama calls for end to tax payer funded arenas, Rodman wants to coach the Knicks, Johnny Joe Staley, LeSean McCoy gets in a fight with off duty cops, Marshawn Lynch, Dabbing With Cam, Balotelli, Colleen Dominguez suing Fox Sports 1, Women’s Soccer, UT player attack for helping rape victim, Chad Johnson, Josh Morgan, Kent State rape culture, Terrell Owens Hall Of Fame, George Karl will stay the head coach, Blake Griffin gets 4 games, Markieff Morris, NFL wants background checks for combine, Kevin Kiley resigns, Vontaze Burfict, MKG injured, Jackie Robinson West suing Stephen A and ESPN, LSU might lose football, NBA All-Star celeb game and this week in Mamba.