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1158: Massa Trump


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Rod and Karen discuss Palin, black pastor for Trump, Hillary Clinton messing up, Azealia Banks leaves twitter, Underground gets great ratings, Dr. Luke and Sony rumors, Big Freedia charged with lying about taxes, Chris Brown still tripping, Beyonce’s pride in motherhood, Zendaya dealing with a mediocre white woman’s corniness, woman shot by 4 year old son, mom leaks her son’s ex’s nudes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    “She will never get invited to talk about the newest Beyonce video”? Excuse me Dream Hampton, didn’t you used to be a music writer? If you’re not getting invited to talk shows maybe fire your agent and stop taking shots at other activists because you don’t like the fact that they have outside interests in life. I get people are going to have disagreements in the movement and there are going to be people you just don’t fuck with but it can’t be this. It’s already thankless enough just trying to be Black as it is. I just hate to see it.

    And I’m also tired of white people telling me black forgiveness is the key. Hillary’s statement was just the latest in a long line of thinking that needs to stop. I’m not arguing my humanity with people, and I’m damn sure not going to wait to grieve the way YOU want me to for you to accept my pain. I’m done with people telling us to be more like MLK. You know who being like Martin didn’t work for? Martin Luther King, because they still fucking shot him. So miss me with that bullshit.

    And that Trump pastor’s nervous laugh reminded me so much of Jason Whitlock as he flailed trying to buy time. I wonder if that’s part of the “shit on black people” handbook they hand out at meetings. On a personal note, I was listening on the ride home when an asshole sat across from me on the train wearing a confederate flag hat and shirt. You two had me laughing too hard to be as angry at that fool as I should have. Your podcast is saving people from catching Super Nigga charges and having to fight Frieza.

    But seriously thank you. I’m probably guilty of taking you two for granted sometimes, but on the real it means so much seeing the you having this platform and using it the way you do. It’s important to have something built on integrity and authenticity and just believing in yourself. And it’s so dope to see you two deal with all of this with positivity and challenging yourself to be on the side of the most correct answer instead of falling into easy cynicism. Seriously have nothing but love for y’all.

    Having said that, Karen I have never been insulted by you before! Black people eating at KFC??? How could you? Lmao y’all keep doing what you do and don’t let the haters change you.

  2. EvieE

    I forget the name of that clown pastor who was hyping Trump but I think the only thing missing were some tap shoes and him singing zippity doo da. He had to be doing that for a check and I can’t imagine there being enough money in the world for me to do something like that. It’s a shame what people are willing do for a paycheck instead of holding on to their dignity.

  3. DSatz

    About the question at the Democratic town hall about whether to call Trump a racist–I think part of the problem is the way white people usually interpret that type of question. In white-people-speak, racism isn’t an objective part of the real world; it’s part of an individual’s state of mind. If you’re white and you feel that your conscience is clear, then for you, the question is resolved. That’s part of how white people can claim not to be racists and expect other people to take their word for it.

    From that point of view, for Bernie and Hillary to be asked whether Trump is a racist probably felt like being asked if they knew what goes on in his mind. If so, that would help account for the muddled responses. Actually I doubt whether Trump himself knows how his mind works, and I doubt even more that he cares. His complete non-questioning of himself is a big part of why he’s popular among his supporters. By being that way, he helps them keep their own consciences clear of doubt.

    To avoid that quicksand, the Democratic candidates might have said that Trump has been waging _a racist campaign_. There’s abundant evidence for that–plus that response would shift the focus away from Trump’s persona and onto his behavior, where it needs to be. His campaign has caused enormous harm to our society even without his being nominated or elected. If the Democrats hold him responsible for that, they’ll do the whole world a favor, and I think they could get a lot of traction from doing so.

    Best regards,
    David in Brooklyn

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