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SMR 83: Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Rod and Karen review Zack Snyder’s latest chapter in the DC comic book universe. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice.




    This is one frustrating film that meanders from place to place, leaving us with so many “what the hell, Zack?” moments. I’ve watched the theatrical cut 3 times, and, at one point, I was content with what I saw, flaws and all. Until I realized how WB/DC dropped try the ball on this film. It’s a really trying experience investing your time & money on something so disappointing.

    Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Holly Hunter & Soledad O’ Brien deserve the “It ain’t my fault” award, cuz, man they tried. I frustrated for them having to deal with the stuff in this movie. I didn’t hate it, but it also not a good film either.

    I see why Chris Nolan didn’t want to do anything DCEU related after Man of Steel. I really thought Zack Snyder had the conviction to handle this after Nolan left. I was so wrong. He’s like a bad scientist who will mix any formula & will assume without a second thought, that his mixture was a bad idea. A key reason why Man Of Steel was such a great film, was that Snyder (under Chris watchful eyes) was able to let the story unfold & there wasn’t all these crazy subplots, like in BvS. Even for all the complaints MoS received, you can’t say that it didn’t make sense. Every scene flowed & the stakes mattered. Nolan gave him a damn good blueprint to work on & then he went all crazy with it in BvS, where many things made little to no sense. It doesn’t help that WB’s isn’t confident in their Cinematic Universe, either. Hopefully, Geoff Johns can get them pointed in the right direction, but it’s already challenging, it seems.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Great job with this review, which really says a lot because this is one of those movies I already am refusing to debate with people either way. Even though we’re pretty much on the same page, it’s so pointless arguing subjective feelings but you two made it an easy listen.

    Anyway, talking about the guy in the office building Bruce was on the phone with, I think he was calling the dude Dak and not Dad, but I definitely heard that the first time too. And talking about his parents was that Maggie and Negan??

    I will say Zack Snyder does Frank Miller well which you touched on a bit, and I just wish he either did a Batman movie featuring Superman or a Man of Steel sequel with Batman, instead we got Dark Knight Returns and a big Superman story mashed together. I hope it works for most people, but the parts I loved just didn’t work for the movie as a whole for me. That betrayal of Batman’s character will always be a non-starter for me, especially if this is a Bruce already with years in the game and we’re going forward with. But definitely can’t blame it on Affleck, he murdered that role!

    But if nothing else, I’m definitely looking forward to that Wonder Woman movie even more. She got the loudest cheers in my audience, and the director already came out and said that one picture wasn’t representative of the diversity of the Amazonians so I’m excited. Thanks for the review!

    • monkeyblood

      Great review, it perfectly sums up how I felt. 30 minutes in I started to panic and asked myself why am I not into this right now. That feeling only went away briefly during some excellent action scenes.

      I loved the casting except for Lex, but many of the moments that were supposed to be big just fell flat. Too much of it is ruined by an uneven, heavy handed narrative. The transitions from scene to scene are jarring and things just seem to happen with no build up and no explanation. It’s like they had a list of things that had to put in the film but didn’t spend enough time on how they could integrate them into the story they wanted to tell.

      I don’t just compare these films to other comic book movies I compare them to films in general. There’s B movies out there that are more compelling. Somebody told me my bar was too high, I say fuck that because your is too low. It’s like your already puting limitations on this material and already setting up that you’re gonna let some shit slide. I can’t enjoy a film like this when we’ve got grade a films and TV shows out there about C list comic book characters. These two are more iconic than all the marvel characters and are dug so deep into the American consciousness but this is how you handle them? I wanted to love this film and went in thinking the critics were too harsh. They were but I still can’t find a reaction for it better than meh.

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