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BDS 147: The Cleveland Blacks


Rod Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Indian Wells, Ray McDonald, Landon Collins, anti-gay laws effecting sports events, Ray McDonald, Rhonda Rousey black now, Tray Walker dead, Kawhi Leonard, Man Madness, Montee Ball, bees stop Nascar, Matt Barnes, Lebron James unfollows the Cavs, Ty Lawson still around, Anthony Davis shut down for season, Dwight Howard, Chip Kelly passes the buck, A-Rod, Coach K or Dillon lying, NFL Concussions, Bruce Arians, Terrence Cody gets 9 months, Roger Goodell discipline, Hulk Hogan, RG3 to the Browns, Manziel hires new agent, Sterling lawsuit dismissed, Kevin Durant’s shoes, Kevin Johnson accused by more women, Nick Young in the news, Stpehen A Smith vs Big Dog, KY players all declaring for draft, Branden Dawson alleged victim puts out pics of abuse, Blackhawks prospect charge with revenge porn, Adrien Broner accused of robbery, Zach Randolph accused of beating a woman and This Week In Mamba.



  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, J. Russell, and hopefully Queen Karen,

    I still haven’t stopped laughing about That Man Madness recap. This is why I pay for the premium content! I already know I ain’t shit. The DMVs may be the greatest/most terrible thing I’ve heard since that Black Lives Matter game on The Nerd Off. Man madness can’t be stopped!

    And you got me on board with Robert X and the Cleveland Blacks. Doughstax deserves some good news and going from ITWAN hall-of-famer to all black everything is legendary. LeBron gonna opt out of his contract and threaten to play tight end for them next year.

    And I’ll let you guys handle the Kyrie and D’Angelo Russell stuff. Ashy niggas making it about abusing women and finding a way to lob Ayesha Curry into this again just have me too annoyed. But y’all definitely had the story first, and the best take. And Justin was worried about the Lakers future, now he’s got a young guard putting his teammate’s cheating on blast? D’Angelo really gonna be the next Kobe.

    P.S. Another great week for #DaJuice! I hope they just sent that last episode to the Emmy’s and started polishing Courtney B. Vance’s award. His indignation all episode at white people not letting them tapes and the truth come out was so good!. He almost forgot he was in North Carolina and had to listen to his own advice, “Make the white people do him.”. And as much praise as he gets, have to shout out the guy playing Darden too. He’s murdering that role. Hell even Cuba’s face acting was great.

  2. Will in Toronto

    LMFAO!!!!! Bruh, I gotta tell di troot……Y’all ain’t shit for that Man Madness segment. i’ve replayed it enough times that I can confirm that I ain’t shit either. That part of the episode alone needs to be nominated for a podcast emmy or whatever the equivalent is.

    I’d love to know what Hatin’ Ass Terrell Jones’ opinion would be on the y’alls theory on women from L&HH having CTE is.

    On first listen I laughed like hell at the McNabb / RG3 conversation but after listening again I could legit see it actually going down like that. If RG3 comes in next season rocking some s-curl waves and an edge up then you can pencil the Cleveland Blacks in for at least an AFC championship appearance.

    Dope show as usual!!

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