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BDS 148: Cooking With Ayesha Curry


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss D’Angelo Russell-gate, Kehlani-Gate, Qatar tent city, Cam gets his degree, pitcher hurts self taking off shoe, rooting for rapists, Ray Lewis gets jacked, Coach K admits to lying, Lamar Odom drinking, Jeff Teague got left, Ryan “Booty Call” Hollins, Shaq proposes for the ‘Gram, Prairie View coach fired, RG3, Jae Crowder’s girl be spitting, Jon Jones vs the police, D Wade gone be flipping houses,  college rape culture, cooking with Ayesha Curry and this week in Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Lewis,

    I was wondering what you’d even get to talk about on a slow week, but then dumb niggas started talking.

    I’m not even going to break down how stupid that tired old black-on-black crime argument is, but I will clown Ray Lewis’s ass for being the one to mention it. You can’t even set the camera up to get your whole shoe salesman looking, sweats-wearing ass into the shot, you think anyone is listening to you? And if you were so down for stopping violence, why did you stop playing football? According to you, no football means crime skyrockets on Sundays right? Keep doing your part brother! Play through the CTE! And did you think we forgot that whole, murder trial thing? But Black Dynamite, you commit crimes in the community! I’m glad the bank stole your money

    And then this asshole Greg Hardy is trying to make us believe he doesn’t hit women. We all saw the pictures and heard the 911 calls, but I guess those are all faked right? And then he offered the single dumbest apology I’ve ever heard, “saying that I did nothing wrong is a stretch but saying I am innocent is correct.” That’s some Charlie Murphy type stuff. What does that even mean Greg? What did you do wrong then? I don’t blame ESPN for doing the interview, but I wish they had let an actual journalist do it. Adam Schefter didn’t have followup questions for any of that? Bruh you’re just going to accept him saying he never hit a woman because domestic abuse doesn’t happen in the South?? Do your fucking job.

    But if we’re being honest, what pisses me off the most is that he doesn’t have a job not because he’s a domestic abuser and a piece of shit, but that he doesn’t show up for practice and only had six sacks.

    But anyway watched that Warriors/TWolves game, Karl Anthony Towns is gonna be a MONSTER! Quietly putting up an 18-11 season as a rookie and he just turned 20. Wait until he starts getting old man muscles. Oh and Wiggins dropped 32 and 5 with 6 steals against the world champs. The agenda lives!

    P.S. Gonna miss #DaJuice, but next season is Hurricane Katrina and Courtney B. Vance is coming back? Shit!! And that Donald Glover commercial after the verdict was so good! I’m in dawg.

  2. madiq

    It’s wild that Justin brought up Anthony Mason, because I remember this from back in the day:

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