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BDS 149: Hit Me With Your Best Shot


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Greg Hardy, Nick Young, Ray Lewis, Tyler Summitt, Manziel, Bomani’s shirt, mad Viking’s fan, Jalen Mills, Kaepernick contract, Gostkowski is the feds, Women’s soccer pay, Marcus Vick, LeSean McCoy, Troy Smith, Brazil Olympic Games tickets, Gilbert Arenas, Tom Johnson sues police, Odell Beckham at Drake’s, Twitter wins right to stream Thursday Night NFL, Shawn Oakman under investigation for sexual assault, Vince Young accused of pulling woman’s hair, Brandon Marshall found not guilty, rookie symposium over, D’Brickashaw done, Derek Wolfe, Jameis, Sam Hinkie, Pat Ewing wants to coach the Knicks, Warriors trying to get the record, resting players, DeAngelo Williams goes in on Twitter, Ronnie Stanley signs with Zappos, Terrance West robbed twice, Browns employee robs team,  Russian hockey team juicing, Jerry Sloan sick, MJ used in scam, Nerlens Noel is a bad tenant, Matt Barnes being sued and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Manlove

    60? Goddamn Mamba! I’ve been a lifelong Kobe hater and he had me out there rooting for him like I’m a Laker fan. You couldn’t have a more Kobe ending than that game, and we’ll be talking about that for 20 years. I feel bad for the Warriors, nobody cared about them winning 73 with that performance going on. My agenda is strong, but I’ve always respected his game and dedication to greatness. Amazing career for the greatest Hornets draft pick of all-time.

    You called it last week when we found out he was living with ITWAN hall of famer Johnny Manziel, but what is Josh Gordon doing? He failed ANOTHER drug test and now he’s picking up Johnny Football from hit & runs? This is exactly why I stay off of nothing to lose twitter. You can’t be ain’t shit, and then hang around with other niggas who ain’t shit if you want to keep your money. He’d be better off competing in Man Madness staying down this road.

    And I know y’all don’t follow too much College news, but did you hear about David Shaw’s comments on recruiting this week? There’s been a lot of conversation about Jim Harbaugh holding recruiting camps in the South trying to get kids that usually go to SEC schools and Shaw comes out and says Stanford doesn’t do it because they don’t want to waste time where there’s no one in the state who could get into his school. The level of hate people have for the South kills me, and as a Black man how do you let some shit like that come out of your mouth? Well I guess after that Buzzfeed video I shouldn’t be surprised, but hell as a football coach how are you slandering the region with the best players? I guess you just don’t want to win either. Anyway, fuck that dude but thanks for another week of greatness.

    P.S. How are y’all feeling about that matchup with the Heat?

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