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BDS 153: Batdance


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the NBA Play offs, listener feedback, Barkley vs Oakley, Eli Apple’s fine ass mama, Sager talked Rodman out of suicide, Kevin Sumlin has a tough week,  Fox Sports 1 talent, Luke Walton gets the Lakers job, Byron Scott, Wendell Smallwood hates Philly, Trevor Ariza gets into it online with a fan, Dana Stubblefield accused of rape, Prince tribute gets Sports Anchor fired, Lebron passes MJ, Durant was name dropped by Drake, Lebron starring in Space Jam 2, Josh Norman had his bologna stolen as a kid, Keith Appling bringing guns to the strip club, Barnes not worried about Warriors going for Durant, Phil Jackson on vacation, Gabby Union says D Wade appreciates her independence, Chamique Holdslaw, Joe Pa might’ve known about them chillens,  Tyler Higbee,  Demarcus Cousins’ brother gets in fight, Pat Ewing as coach, less women coaching women’s sports since Title 9, Laremy Tunsil’s hacker, Magic working with D’Angelo Russell, Tom Brady and deflategate, player’s warned to avoid meat, Russell Wilson wants the Sonics back and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Zealia Banks

    I hope you two are happy. You unleashed Steph Curry onto the league and look at what he’s doing now. Those shots he was hitting in the 4th quarter against Portland are the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever seen and still people are treating him like he’s a cute, little lightskinned dude instead of the cold blooded assassin he is. Y’all talked about Space Jam 2, maybe the plot is that aliens are already in the league this time because there’s no way he’s human.

    I think I asked earlier this year what it would take for the media to turn on Steph they way they did Lebron and if it hasn’t happened now then I don’t know when. Maybe if he’s doing this against the Spurs and starts pounding his chest in Duncan’s face you’ll get people talking about doing it the right way (and that’s IF they get past OKC). I just hope we all get to appreciate how insane his game is right now. Either way, talk your shit Wardell!

    And Did y’all see Buzzfeed is running with the OJ had CTE defense you two joked about? (https://www.buzzfeed.com/shanemadej/holy-shit-this-theory-about-why-oj-simpson-mightve-killed-ni?utm_term=.brOyYQOA2#.fhD0Zao1l) For as much as y’all joke about not watching the games y’all do end up calling a lot of these stories first.

    P.S. Congratulations on graduation Justin! You deeed it!

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