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TNO 59: Zack Snyder’s Murderverse


Rod, Kriss, Sterling and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Civil War, comics, movies, games, Inhumans loses it’s release date, Star Wars fans want Expanded Universe back, Zack Snyder may be at odds with WB, Spawn movie coming, the Russo’s weren’t worried about Marvel virgins, Supergirl running into season 2 issues, Black Widow solo movie and race in Hollywood.


  1. Will in Toronto

    “LET THEM TRY!!!”

  2. brandonisbmore

    Hey Karen, Rod and Kris’s

    Was wondering if you guys are looking forward to playing no mans sky next month when it’s released. Ever since I saw the preview at E3 a couple years ago I couldn’t wait. A game with infinite planet exploration and no loading time sound alike down thing from the future.

    Also I have been trying to read more image and independent comics, have you guys read or heard of the image book Power Lines? The first issue was kind of slow but the concepts seem to have great potential. Basically it’s about a black dude who get powers but the only activate when he is in a rich white neighborhood. So there is this justixposition of him fighting crime but dealing with that “I’m not racist but” racism and even flat or racism. Seems like it could have potential to be great or fail miserably if not done right but thought it was interesting enough to give a try.

    Anyway thanks for the great content and can’t wait to see you guys at awesome con next month



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