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1203: By The Book Racism


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Rod and Karen are joined by Leslie and Drew of the Interracial Jawn Podcast to discuss Wendell Pierce accused of beating up Bernie Sanders’ fans, Juvenile attacks man in Waffle House, middle aged couples are more adventurous in the bedroom, #DemThrones, Glenn Beck meeting with Zuckerberg, Azealia Banks, Seattle University, blind man gets caught driving, convicted wife killer back on the dating scene, pillow fight violence and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mayabee

    I had made a post about Azealia Banks the night all of this shit went down and in the course of 24 hours, I had someone trying to tell me that we need to help her and all the black people are just shitting on her for the amusement of our white followers. Like, the word reach gained whole new meaning with this response. The person said that Azealia was abused by the industry and somehow this abuse gives her full clearance to go off on Skai Jackson, a minor. This person said that poor Credit Union saw herself in Skai and was somehow jealous of a child on Disney Channel. I quickly told this person that I hope that they AND Banks find solace because projecting your harmful behavior on others is completely unacceptable.

    After Offshore Accounts posted her “apology,” people were like, “She needs black friends / She needs a black therapist.” No, what she needs is to get right with whatever God she’s mad at and just work shit out on her own and sort out her issues with herself. Even as a black woman and a womanist, I can’t support her even if it’s on an emotional basis. She’s shown that she doesn’t give a fuck about black women when she goes to dark skinned black women’s instagrams and starts spamming them with vile comments such as calling them tar babies and field niggas or the time where she called Laverne Cox the t-slur after someone commented that they had the same hair color at the time. While her banning from twitter is a massive double standard, she is a person I wish people will stop trying to throw a lifeline to because she is black. Also, as a mentally ill person, will people stop equating her vile bigoted behavior to mental illness. I’m sorry this was long so I hope the feedback show doesn’t run long due to me. Love you guys!

  2. Nyaze Vincent

    Praise Hillary.

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