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1214: That Bitch At Work


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. Amani

    So my official TBGWT prediction, you heard it first Gilly is about to win the Iron Throne. She’s the Blac Chyna of Westeros man, come up after come up! And Justin might be onto something talking about Hodor should wrestle next. I would buy a PPV with Hodor vs The Mountain right now. I’d take that trial by combat instead of this election cycle #MehTheVote

    Cersei mentioning that reminded me how much I missed my man Bronn this season. There’s not really room for him to do much in King’s Landing but hope Jamie takes him out on the road now.

    And the more you read e-mails and I think about Rod on Jon Snow’s revival vs. Walking Dead there’s a definite split in people who watch these shows excited to be taken on a journey by the writers and looking forward to the risks they have the balls to take, and then people who watch to predict what will happen next because they want to be right. It’s not all that black and white, but it’s just interesting to see the rise of spoiler culture fed vs people enjoying in the moment. Anyway great recap and nice having Justin back on like the old days.

  2. Darienfoxx

    For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why the Waif girl hates Arya so much. Then I saw that look on her face when Jaquen told her she could kill Arya. That’s when I realized. The way the Waif looks at Arya is the same way white people in prestigious institutions look at people who they think got in on affirmative action. The Waif up there talking about how she had better test scores and shit. Completely glossing over the fact that she’s got a silver spoon up in her mouth. She’s been training for years. Now she’s beating up blind people and rookies, so she walks around talking about she deserves to be at Faceless Man University. That Bravos privilege.

  3. Cassie67Impala

    I wasn’t sure if you’d get my 5 star review on iTunes, so I decided to leave it on here too.

    Hey Rod and Karen!
    This week’s podcasts were excellent. Ya’ll really grind and I appreciate that. I liked when you had Katia and June on the show to spread awareness for Lipedema. I had never heard of the disease and the two of them were like hanging out with your fun aunties. It’s a shame about the cornbread cause I fucks it up whenever it’s homemade. Karen coining “Banana Republicans” had me in stitches. I never understood the name of that company. Bananas are for monkeys and you know what they call us blacks. Why not sell clothes us wildlings wear? Speaking of wildlings, episode 1214 with Justin was the hardest I laughed in a long time. Definitely one of the best episodes. I listen to the podcast in the car or when I’m working out and I couldn’t finish my workout cause I was laughing so hard. When you do the segments for Fucking with Black People and Guess the Race, I sing along with you. The two of you and your guests have become a big part of my everyday life. Once I get my funds right, I’m going premium. You deserve to get paid for all your hard work. Definitely the best podcast around!
    Love, Cassie

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