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1285: Bossip Headlines


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Rod and Karen are joined by Jason of Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared Podcast to discuss working at Bossip, tipping, due to technical difficulties we had to end that segment but fear not we went on and discussed Colin Powell getting hacked, Black Men For Bernie founder now supporting Trump, woman shot in drive by over a dude, women have different body clocks, computers could offer praise to frustrated users, beards make you more attractive to long term relationship seekers, London police target black men, Lil Wayne on racism, racist “campers” harass black man, Ireland twitter account, white people news, woman robbed, law maker dies in motorcycle crash and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Now that she started remembering the ba dum bum Karen’s racism has been getting back on track in guess the race. She’s getting her powers byke!!

    Now we just need to get you back on Balls Deep to keep Rod & Justin in check! Rod on air eating those good ass cookies. I don’t like that shit. I’m about to drop a dime on these niggas.

  2. ProfKori

    Wow! I guess that interview with Lil Wayne was in person. Skip Bayless hypnotized him!

  3. EvieE

    Lil Wayne has been problematic for a minute. He’s the same guy who said he’d never have another dark skin child even though he’d dark himself. He’s a goblin of the highest. He needs to be on Willie D’s list.

  4. Dana W

    You guys have been on fire all week and this is another episode that had me clutching my chest for air after surprised laughter. What I want to especially point out, though, is the highkey DISGUST Karen had for lettuce wedges! Like, she had a good few minutes of commentary on how trash they are and I would probably listen to thirty more minutes–and I like lettuce wedges (look, they have that blue cheese, and I AM half white…) anyway, I love Karen. Also, Jason was a great guest and I hope he can come back as a guest sometime.

    • Dana W

      Wait wait wait — I am posting again because further on in this episode, Karen calls Ryan Seacrest the black Chadwick Bozeman, and while I totally know what she meant and if I were live podcasting I would probably say things like that woman who let out “colored people” a while back, the mental image of the whole thing is really cracking me up, and so I say again, I love Karen.

  5. Cappadonna

    On the Fucking With Black People Segment –

    1. I give Lil Wayne a 50 because, its Lil Wayne. Sadly, being ignorant and self absorbed seems to be the default of most celebrities. Jesse Williams, Kaepernick and even a Hotep Lite dude like Talib Kweli are rare in Hollywood and music. Also, Lil’ Wayne is a special snowflake of stupid. I’m surprised Skip didn’t ask him is he was high – because c’mon, its Weezy.
    2. The second story, 75, only because I feel for those homeless people. That said, I guarantee you that this is mixed neighborhood (read: Where the Niggas Be). Because if those hobo red necks tried to run up into a rich white hipster enclave of Portland, they would have been shot. The Jake ain’t gonna care about your white privilege when you messing up the vibe out at the Artisan Kale Chips and Donuts shop. Because that’s how rich white folks deal with homeless white people in Orange County, shove them to brown neighborhood or bust a cap in them.

    And as a side note, I know its white people news, but I give that white girl suing her mama over baby pictures 100. I’m fucked with by the level of peak Lena Dunham running up on a Black Wide Receivers whiteness. I wish I would sue my sister and mom for showing my baby pics online.

    • ProfKori

      I’m now on the look-out for opportunities to call someone “a special snowflake of stupid.” 🙂

  6. Nicole

    In response to this episode’s f***ing with black people segment: I just moved to Portland and the number of young homeless individuals or “campers” is crazy! Beneath just about any bridge in the Northeast section of the city is a tent city. Some people are just down on their luck, but I think its mostly a reflection of rampant drug use in the state/country. Oregon has become one of those places people flock to since the state is rather tolerant of “campers.” I suppose it wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t so aggressive or entitled. Last Friday I was heading to work on the late side (9:30 am) and 4 young homeless adults were still asleep right at my bus stop. A cop came by and told them it was time to get up and on with their day. The “campers” took their sweet time and seemed so irritated that their sleep was interrupted.

    I briefly considered moving to the NE section of the city, but the area is problematic on so many levels-historically, I believe, it’s where lower income individuals lived and also the area of the city with the only black neighborhoods. In more recent years as the city has grown in popularity the area has been gentrified, those traditionally black neighborhoods are becoming and few and far between as blacks are priced out of the city and instead being replaced by a growing homeless population.

  7. Forest

    Man, the Wayne shit is just a perfect example of how self-absorbed people can be. So many people like to act like if an issue isn’t happening to them personally, it doesn’t exist at all. I mean, it’s our entire dynamic with white people. It epitomizes your statement about straight black men being the white people of black people. I don’t know if it’s the lean or the privilege, but dude has let it blind him to the point where he’s opted all the way out.

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