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BDS 172: MLK And Jesus!


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, make our NFL picks, Dabo Swinney, Newton had concussion tests, Chris Long, Tony La Russa, Teyana Taylor getting cheated on, Josh Rosen, women in the NFL, 100 million towards player safety, Carr wants to be like Kobe, Terrell Suggs, Dallas Cowboys, Cookie Johnson, DeAngelo Williams on tipping, D Rose doesn’t understand consent, NCAA backs out of NC,  Dolphins owner, Wade test Rod’s limits, Ezekiel Elliott was set up, Iverson hall of fame, Kobe being petty, Tim Hardaway pleads no contest, NBA gone make 8 billy, Lebron and CP3 served, Lance Stephenson deal, Lebron working on new TV show, Dellavedova engaged, Ryan Lochte suspended 10 months, Bruce Miller was fighting over sandwiches, Harbaugh, Jovon Robinson was set up, Shaq made up with pops, Tim Duncan financial adviser indicted, Tim Tebow signed to Mets, UNC rape accusation, Durant wearing gold medal around, Bosa hurt, Grizzlie’s MLK uniforms, Vegas getting an NFL arena and Dalembert arrested.


  1. Will in Toronto

    Wassup Rod and J Cutler

    It felt good to watch Dabo Swinney at press conference just telling on himself.  The fact that a head coach in an extremely lucrative oppressive system trying to white-splain his position regarding Kaep protesting oppression was pure comedy.  And right on time he had to drag MLK into it. They treat the MLK card as their clutch go to move like it’s the people’s elbow. Dabo got the face of someone that calls black people niggras.  JJ Watt, Nick Saban, Jerry Jones, and George Karl also have a that look. I don’t have evidence to support this but damn it I’m trusting my gut on this one.  Who would y’all nominate across sports for people who you are sure say niggra just based on their faces?

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Morrow

    Your whole team dies AND you benched Diggs? Rod fucking up this week!

    Martin Luther King had dreams, and Dabo has dreams too. He dreamed all you uppity negros just went on back to Africa where you’re loved. But leave a handful of us good football playing ones and we’ll solve all the problems in this country. Love just ties us together like that. You see a noose, I just see a big rope heart. So there’s no need to stare down a hero like Cam who’s moved past race. All lives matter, Colin! Now let his quartet perform in peace, he’s got a monorail to sell.

    And I was already with this Garoppolo agenda to replace Tom Brady, but now I find out their backup is a nigga?! Oh yeah I’m rooting hard for the next two weeks. Justin you gotta let your petty feed into this too, Patriots only look worse for benching him for Make America Great Tom if they’re winning. Y’all already called him paying off the line to get one replacement hurt, if it happens again it looks too suspicious for flaccid ball Brady. Pats about to be the only team in the league with a Black QB and all white receivers.

    Y’all talked about racial prejudice with colleges covering up for their athletes, but did you catch that study that Louisiana judges give harsher sentences to Black defendants the week after LSU loses? And if they lose in the top 10 the difference was twice as long. It’s probably too long for the show but I’ll link an article if you want to check it out later (http://www.sbnation.com/2016/9/7/12829620/college-football-lsu-louisiana-judges-sentencing)

    Oh and I needs that Team Kap shirt. Appreciate the show as always!

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