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1287: The “Real” Racists


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Nick Gordon found to be legally responsible in Bobbi Kristina’s death, Coolio arrested, Tracee Ellis Ross, Katt Williams arrested again, sex toy law suit, Russia bans porn sites, MJB divorce update, Marc Jacobs, Dallas man Facebook Lives his arrest, black students have bananas thrown at them, Kansas State expels racist student, white people news, man mails dead animals and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Your comments on HBCUs vs PWIs are always on point. I started college at Purdue University and transferred to North Carolina A&T. At Purdue, we had the unity of fighting against the racists but it was draining and stressful. At A&T I could truly concentrate on my studies. I don’t think I got any smarter while at A&T but I was definitely more focused.

    I can’t imagine being at a PWI during this social media age with the officer involved murders, Kaep sitting, Trump’s idiocy, etc… I can barely get through the day at work where I can close my office door. Imagine being on a campus where you’re subjected to silly racists antics all the time AND you’re constantly seeing videos of Blacks being killed for no reason? I really feel for our students that are dealing with such issues while trying to excel at school.

  2. Luckedout

    You know, that response about porn from Russia makes a lot of sense when you look at their Birthrate programs. Such as the “National Day of Conception” on Sept 12.

    To be honest, it seems their government mandated homophobia is a result about the fear Putin mentioned in his first State of the Nation address in July 2000: “We are in danger of becoming a senile nation.” due to the population aging out without replacement.

    Basically, if you’re not making babies, Russia isn’t about it. Instead of the pull out method, they prefer the Put-in method *ba-dam-tish*…I’m sorry.

    Anyway, Russia is trying to one-up USA militarily and their numbers ain’t cutting it to support long term.
    Compare population growth between Russia and USA, courtesy of google



    In my opinion, they’re going at it the wrong way, because some people use porn to get horny and as a lady, I like me some man-on-man action.

  3. WhitleyFBrooks

    I do agree that different oppressed groups can culturally appropriate each other (like wearing Indian Chief headdresses) but I tend to think of it as when one group is praised for wearing/doing something that an oppressed group is ridiculed for. Black women aren’t appropriating straight hair from white women because 1. there are black women with naturally straight hair and 2. white women aren’t scorned for having straight hair. HOWEVER, white people are seen as “cool” and “edgy” for wearing locks, but black people are seen as dirty and unkempt and have lost their jobs over the same hairstyle.

  4. Forest

    Homie at the traffic stop in Dallas…I mean, he kinda screwed himself. He could’ve just taken the ticket and disputed it in court. I’ve gotten tickets in Dallas, his court date probably wouldn’t have been until next year, b/c that’s how backed up Dallas’ traffic court is. That cop ain’t showing up for that and unless the violation was on video, he could’ve probably gotten it dismissed with zero issue. This is a prime example of picking your battles. That said, homie screaming Black Lives Matter was just…so sweet.

  5. AO

    Karen was bringing truth to the fucking with black people segment. I really want to put her quote on a bumper sticker: “Don’t Rape! Don’t put yourself in a situation where you could be accused of rape – the same thing you tell victims!” I absolutely agree that when it comes to rape, misogyny, racism (and all the ‘isms’), folks who are on the opposite side are fighting for their right to be offensive rather than the right of the oppressed to not be offended and harassed and abused.

  6. jojomaeve

    The idea that only men should be able to have multiple wives always confused me. Mathematically it doesn’t make sense. The population of the world is about half women and half men. If men were able to have multiple wives then that would mean women would also have multiple husbands since the population is equal parts men and women. In reality if only men were allowed to have multiple wives then the very rich men would have all the wives and the rest of men would have zero wives. There would be no women left over. Ideas like this are just another way for some men to be selfish and a lot of times they come up with stuff like this not realizing that it will bite them in the butt as a whole.

    • AO

      Very true re population balance. I’ve also understood the idea of multiple wives to be justified in societies where men only are able to fight in wars, thus skewing the natural gender balance when many men die. This is less explained/rational in societies where women are not valued/girls are killed at birth/etc.

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