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#Walking FTWD: Season 2 Episode 12: Pillar Of Salt


Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.

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  1. Luckedout

    Madison said that Nick has his father’s darkness, but he got his stubborn lucky entitlement from her. She’s an attack helicopter parent and has lost her damn mind; I hope Nick manages to keep away. The way Madison is going, if Nick becomes a zombie, she’ll keep him on a chain and won’t notice the difference.

    Poor Travis, I don’t recall Madison even mentioning him in all this time.

    You know in a zombocalypse I’d assume hotels would be full of the dead and wouldn’t bother approaching it, but they cleared the walkers out, so they don’t even have the camouflage/barrier to scare people away like the Colonia. The Clark family is really ruining every sanctuary they come across.

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