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1292: Killer Clowns


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Rod and Karen discuss the National Museum For African American History opening, meeting Leslie Mac, Radio Raheem died, Gabby Union wants to talk about white privilege with some white women, Trump invited Gennifer Flowers to the debate, IMDB may have to take actor’s ages off of their site, clown caught, Melissa Villasenor deletes 2k tweets, man on the street interviewed during Charlotte protest, Anthony Weiner in hot water, black vegan, cops plant gun, University of ND has another racist pic surface, Steve Clevenger, county sheriff is discovered to be racist, GA police officer blames black man, white people news, semen bandit in Florida, Bronx teacher beats up student over drugs and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Y’all. If another White person fucks up and invokes MLK in their apology, I’m gonna go blind because I might not be able to get my eyes straight from the side eye. Google is working overtime for MLK quotes.

  2. ProfKori

    Rod droppin’ that knowledge: “There do be some hoes up in Panera Bread.” … “There and Barnes & Noble.”

    That’s right, people! We outchea!

  3. FalconsDiva

    First – that clown in the picture is hella scary!!!!

    On the mud mask racism. Karen is right – white people have been using those mud masks for years. And it’s nothing new that playing around with them can be offensive and viewed as playing around with black face. Example, my favorite Golden Girls episode has a scene where Rose and Blanche walk into a room with some elderly black women with mud masks on their faces. It was clear that it was a no-no and they might have gotten a true old school beat-down had it not been cleared up. That was in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Now I realize that these young racists may not watch the Golden Girls (I watch every night), but their claim of ignorance is BS. They are clearly playing around with black face.

    I’m glad I wasn’t alone in laughing at that county sheriff. When I first read that article I was slightly ashamed of myself for giggling, I was able to fully laugh out loud with Karen when you guys shared that story.

  4. I like grits yellow or white, salt & pepper or sugar or cheese

    I dare someone to come mess with my sugar grits…. They are going to have to talk about it in a presidential debate like they talk about Chicago!

    • I like grits yellow or white, salt & pepper or sugar or cheese

      And sorry, that was related to the feedback show.

  5. Cappadonna

    As a Black Vegan, I am 75% fucked with by this ignorant ass wordy bougie, Hotep Adjacent bullshit. I get the overall idea, but like PETA, this fool misses the whole point. First, indigenous people in Africa were largely agrarian and ate meat, so omnivorous diets ain’t a plot by the white man, its a natural component of cultural evolution. Veganism is the sign of an advanced stable society, because you can literally grown nutrient and calorie rich food stuff to sustain your people. Basically, her back to Africa bullshit wouldn’t work in say, Sierra Leonne, unless you want to starve.

    Second, the very idea of equating animals to oppression of humans is the height of white supremacy and classism. You can educate black folks about animal rights without equating black folks to flipping animals. For all her pedigree and wordiness, her comments are just as stupid as the average rich white PETA member.

    Tell is ashy ankh, petruilli scent, more-woke-than-thou flower child to align her chakras with Lauren Hill. Sorry this is so long, but I’ve spent 20 years convincing my folks that not eating meat doesn’t make me this stupid.

    • Cappadonna

      Oh, and that baseball dude. I’m fucked with, but as an aside, anyone who doesn’t think Karen isn’t funny -fuck them. That MLK Pokemon shit was awesome. “I HAVE A DREAM!!” “I HAVE A DREAM!” “MLK!” “MLK!” Goddamn you woman, distracting me from TPS reports.

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