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1291: Fighting To Laugh


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    I know how you feel about laughing through the pain. It’s so hard to get through the days sometimes without being breaking down and crying but that’s why self care is so important. I can’t tell you how much this show means to me and how it’s gotten me through some trying days, particularly those days when I go on social media and the first thing I see on my feed is a black person being killed by police. Keep on doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep on listening.

    As for the sugar in the mac and & cheese, I don’t add sugar but I do put in a little sweetened condensed milk, and that balance of the extra sharp cheddar with just a hint of sweet, is so good. If that makes me trash, I’ll take that L but my mac and cheese is banging and can’t no one tell me otherwise.

  2. ProfKori

    Thank you for fighting for joy. It’s an important fight. It certainly helps me! I’m so grateful I found y’all!

    Still, I must admit that there’s one area where this show doesn’t welcome me into the fold: I grew up eating grits with sugar and butter. I’ve been able to deal with the wise-cracking from Rod and Karen on this issue, but that voicemail from your long-time listener and friend took it to another level. I WILL NOT be lumped in with people who put sugar in mac ‘n’ cheese!!! Just ’cause y’all salty don’t give you the right to disparage sweet folk like me! 🙂

    Rod, happy belated birthday! Sorry I’m late. May you have many more and may each be better than the last. Thank you both for all that you do! You’re helping me survive this academic year, which is the first time I’m living apart from my partner. You two are a blessing. Please know that I’m sending lots of good energy your way.

  3. Amani

    Sugar in mac & cheese?! Get that bullshit the ENTIRE fuck outta here.

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