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TNO 68: Smiling Kriss Face


Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, SpaceX explosion, moon’s eerie glow solved, Pokemon GO insurance, Caped Crusaders getting a theatrical release, CW getting a 3 hour crossover, Jurassic World getting a trilogy, GI Joe 3 on hold, Kevin Smith loves The Flash, Alan Moore retiring, Chipotle Burrito drones, Hamil Family drama, NES emulator almost on Xbox One, Last Guardian delayed again, Rundown 2 wants to cast Jonah Hill, Suicide Squad making money, Lyft getting self driving cars, Pokemon GO mugging, iPhone security hacked, Gotham producer tries to clean up the mess, major TV manufacturers lying about energy ratings, Zuckerberg wants to cure all diseases, Equalizer 2, Punisher may be back sooner than later, the Walking Dead could go on for many more years, John Wick 2 will be twice as violent, Hasbro vs Mattel series and white male show runners.



  1. Amani

    Sweet Christmas my niggas!

    Marvel did that shit!! Dawg they STARTED the series in a Black barbershop! You knew what it was from jump and it just got Blacker. The music, the references, just the feeling of the neighborhood. They got all that shit. And so many dope roles for Black women. I mean if Iron Fist is just Misty Knight and Colleen solving all the shit while Danny is useless in the background I’m fine with that, she was everything. And Alfre Woodard murdered this shit and still fine at her age. I still can’t process how much I loved this series. And that scene with all the hoodies? Look, I damn near cried. I don’t want to hear anyone doubting Marvel on Black Panther or any of this shit ever again. They’ve proven they’re not afraid of Blackness.

    Which is more than I can say for Tim Burton! I would be mad, but fuck that nigga he’s been making the same movie for the last 15 years, I’m just glad Rod’s agenda is finally getting the shine it deserves.

    But hold up, why is this Elon Musk shit y’all talked about a better Iron Man 2 than the actual movie?! He’s about to show up to the next launch with a power suit for protection. They’ve already got wild conspiracy theories going on, and lowkey Richard Brandon would make a better Mickey Rourke.

    P.S. I gotta apologize to Kriss for prompting those photoshop attacks. Now I’m not sorry, at all, That shit was greatness, but you my nigga just hate it had to be you. I didn’t know it was gonna spawn 2 different hashtags and days of trolling. Still it’s kinda your fault, you’re friends with Petty Kruger and you didn’t expect to catch a stray? The game’s the game. I expect retribution to be swift and merciless though.

    • Amani

      Been fiending for this new episode, but seeing y’all make moves and really get the payoff for everything you’ve been putting in is so incredible to watch. I know praise isn’t something you’re comfortable with but I fuck with all of y’all and just seeing you guys get to do things I never imagined this last month is some real shit.

      And please just tell me one of y’all got a pic with Leroy from the Last Dragon at Comic-Con.

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