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1299: Slutsplaining

Amber Rose Arrives to Slut Walk Los Angeles

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Wikileaks comes up blank, Kim K’s ex-bodyguard, Gary Johnson, Bronco is coming back, Facebook Marketplace gets illegal, women attacked for protesting national anthem, clown crime, teen beating up over support of police, mayor refuses to stop posting racist memes, white people news, woman hides license, man slaps girlfriend with sex toy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    That article you read about the Alabama high schooler getting jumped after his pro-police facebook post is just rubbing me the wrong way. We didn’t hear any description of the suspects, how many, or anything at all of the assault. All we know is he made a facebook post (which no one reports what it actually said) and then he got beat up. But everybody is rushing to blame Black Lives Matter? How does that work?

    And I’m not excusing anything or starting any conspiracy theories. You still can’t beat up a kid like that period. Just the way it’s framed in the news right now is trash. I haven’t seen anything that even links the post to the attack to prove he got beat up for that, but people are just running with it.

    But this is the same media acting like Trump sexually harassing women is new news, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.


    Cotdammit! I just almost spit my water outta my mouth after rod’s joke about smashing the lesbian cakes to smithereens! Okay, back to the ep..

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