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BDS 175: David West Most Woker Than You!


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, JR Smith, Tebow homers, college rape cases, Venus goes All Lives Matter, Laila Ali goes All Lives Matter, Derrick Rose case, golf, Darren Collison suspended, Hope Solo sells her crib, gorilla troll, Talib shot himself, Le’Veon Bell rapping again, Miko Grimes, OBJ not having fun no more, Newton sued over trashing mansion, Glen Davis arguing on Twitter, Nigel Bradham arrested, Dee Milliner, playmate of the year dumbs NBA player, Fury on that coke, NBA anthem let down, Joakim Noah didn’t eat with the troops, Back to the Future shoes, Lillard won’t join super team, Lamar Jackson, Bonds fired, Charlie Strong bout to get fired, Ben Simmons might sit out the year, Ravens fan beat up by Raiders fan, David West too woke and Jeff Van Gundy’s new idea.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Bader Ginsburg

    Kap is back dawgs!! This is really all I’ve had to look forward to this season with my sorry ass niners so I’m taking a victory lap. Jerry Rice came back to his senses and now this. This is the type of good news that happens when Queen Karen gets back on the show! Just goes to prove there’s still hope for Cam yet. He’s escaped Willie D twice now, I don’t know if he’d get spared a third time so it was smart for him to lay low.

    And shame on y’all clowning David West for winning the Gold Medal in the Woke Olympics. How is he supposed to take a stand if we aren’t all immortal Rod?! If even one Black person dies, doesn’t that mean that him taking a knee would be meaningless? He’s already been protesting so hard nobody even knew it! Show me how you beat that level of stealth? How are we ever gonna be free if y’all keep deep demanding he stop being ashy and buy lotions and butters? Meanwhile Luke Cage is on the WHITE MAN’S Netflix with perfect skin but they don’t want you to know what’s out there!

    Shout out to Jemele and Mike getting that promotion to 6pm Sportscenter! I prefer what they’re doing to the flagship anyway, but I’m never gonna be mad at my niggas making their paper and trust them to make it their own. Hopefully now Justin can stop his lightskin hate of Mike, but I’m not counting on it.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin!!!

    My Falcons are for real!!! Of course, I was happy with the win over the Panthers but I didn’t get too excited because Carolina hasn’t looked good. I also expected our defense to cause problems for that Denver rookie. What I did not expect was my quarterback having that much time! The Atlanta Falcons finally have a legitimate OL.

    I just got the news that Kaepernick is starting and I’m absolutely giddy about this. I’m sure you guys have seen the reports that NFL viewership is down because of Kaep – of course published by conservative media outlets. Personally I think these polls are BS but with Kaep starting, I guess the ratings are really going to plummet!

    On another note, the Hawks and Cavs had the first ever Unity game this week here in Atlanta. Both teams’ starters were announced together and they all locked arms during the National Anthem, which was sung by the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. None of the Cavs regular starters were in the lineup which is understandable because it’s a preseason game. What was interesting is that none of them were on the court during the anthem. I’m not Bron ‘nem were boycotting the unity display but I did think that was interesting…

    Anyway, great show and I absolutely loved hearing Queen Karen on BDS!!!

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