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OSR 28: Luke Cage


Rod and Rae Sanni recap season one of Netflix’s latest Marvel franchise, Luke Cage. We cover a lot in this one. From the blackness, the respectability politics, the comic book elements and somehow Wesley Pipes. It’s a long but very fun conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I really enjoyed Rae’s perspective on the series as a black woman. I hadn’t considered Claire’s support role in the series until Rae brought it up, but I’m glad at the amount of women that were involved in the series. I also enjoyed the discussion about respectability politics in regards to Luke and Cottonmouth, it was cool to see two different examples of black men. That was a great recap.

    Misty Knight does look like Misty Stone doe…

  2. Selester63

    Great recap. I agree with a lot of the points you and Rae made. I would have liked to see Cottonmouth live a few episodes longer but I understand they had to move on with the story. Looking forward to the next season.

  3. afropatterson

    It’s playing, but I can’t hear anything

    • rodimusprime

      Okay. Let me go fix it. BRB.

      • afropatterson

        It’s working now. thanks!

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