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TNO 72: Bitter Live Tweeting


Rod and Kriss discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been reading and watching and stuff. Then we get into the news of the week. Xbox holiday features, Cloak and Dagger pushed to 2018, USB HIv stick, Mass Affect Andromeda, NES classic sold out, Super Mario Run, Rat Queens, Escape from NY reboot, Inhumans, John Wick director helming Deadpool 2, live action Winnie The Pooh, Zendaya might not be Mary Jane, Apple abandons the Airport, Xbox One outsells PS4, Amazon smart trash can, Moana made all the money, Netflix allows downloads now, Rampage movie starring The Rock, Ransomware attack on SF, no Back To The Future reboot, Final Fantasy XV,  Avatar, 22 Jump Street, Jurassic World 2, Amazon prime, Mayans MC, space wars, Watch Dog 2 multiplayer pulled and Walking Dead ratings.


  1. Amani

    Niggaaaaaaa!!!!! That Rouge One!! I’m not gonna spoil it but goddamn!! How do you have a movie that dark and still have me cheering that much at the end? And that last scene? My man got busy!!

    And these trailers!!! Spider-Man was so fire they already approved the sequel. We got the webs under the arms nigga we made it! Sony said you got it Marvel, make us a billion. And I know everybody is here for DemApes and nuclear subs in Fast & Furious.

    But hold up now, I know you said you weren’t in on it but what if this Escape from New York reboot is a Nigga breaking out of Trump tower and he has to make his way through all the racists and Make America Great crowd where he needs to find his inside man with a safety pin only to get double crossed by Larry David as Bernie Sanders? Just fight your way out like Game of Death.

    Alright thanks for another great show as always, probably the last one for the year so gotta shout y’all for all the amazing content and happy holidays. I know it’s been a long ass year, but all of you guys have helped get through it.

  2. sirius_moonlite

    Kriss/Rod: I’m waiting on them [Disney] to release a live action Lion King movie….

    Disney: Done. Now run me your coins.

    Y’all know that is happening for real right? Disney wants ALL the money. Jon Favreau is directing a live action Lion King movie, they just signed a writer and it’s being fast tracked. Below is a link about it on Variety’s website:


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