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1354: Mr. Hit Yo Cops

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Rod and Karen discuss Janet Jackson gives birth, Trey Songz tantrum, GOP antics, Azealia Banks antics, 19 states increase minimum wage, Tiny files for divorce, Brown Sugar streaming service, Don Lemon was lit, Serena Williams, kid can’t be racist b/c he has black girlfriend, Milo gets a book deal, Lance Gross Christmas joke, Robert Smith, Medeleine Pickens, Ellen Pompeo, Baller Alert, weight lifting accident, McDonald’s fight, firewood fight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Watching the His & Hers retrospectives this week got me in my feelings and appreciating how much you two have invited us into your lives and made this feel like home and one big family.

    When you have a show like that, or the Morning Jones, that’s a moment in time and an intimacy that can’t be faked. Hell we’ve seen it with the Facebook group as it gets bigger and people start inviting their ashy ass friends that don’t even listen to the show, but it’s the level of engagement on both sides that makes this show special. And that comes from the warmth that you two bring on the mic. And that doesn’t count the grinding and planning behind the scenes. Just wanted to take a minute out to say thank you for the last seven years and happy anniversary with much continued success. You’ve earned every bit of it.

  2. EvieE

    I’ve seen just as many black men dog Serena since she was just starting out as I have seen white men. It’s only now that Serena has gotten engaged that some of those same men are calling her a sellout. Good for her for finding someone who appreciates her beauty and puts a ring on it. I feel like those guys who dog her are upset because she doesn’t give a fuck about their opinions.

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before we heard from that buzzard Azaelia Banks. It’s kind of sad at this point because it’s obvious she’s doing all this for attention. She’s like a little kid screaming notice me, notice me when everyone just wishes she’d just go away.

  3. reallydarkknight

    About the poll: I’ve seen so many wack ass Black men dog Serena. When do they do that? During Black Girl Time when she wins. I don’t have these people in my circle, but look at Twitter when she wins during a major. These cats just come out of the woodwork to harass Black women just like Bernie Bros do. Yeah, I said it. And they could have just said nothing. SMH

  4. thegrandshuckett

    I appreciate the ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’ drops my nig. Always makes me laugh

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Of course Milo got a book deal. America elected an internet troll as president.

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