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BDS 188: Ronda Drowsey

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL Pick ‘Em final standings, NFL play-off first round, Serena Williams engaged and niggas is hating, Talib chain snatching, Cris Carter, Tyrod Tayler, Trump coon party, Ray McDonald’s ex, Bart Scott, Fresno basketball coach, Ronda Rousey took that L, Steve Smith retires, Reggie Bush, Kaepernick, 49ers shake up, Eagles kick out beat writer, Rondo unhappy again, Martellus Bennet, Curt Schilling, Kubiak steps down, Jameis Winston b-day, Ronda Rousey taking time, Cheyenne Kidd, Cyborg, Devin Hester, Pacman arrested, Horncek on Knicks’ defense, Adam Schefter, Javale McGee strikes back, Joe Mixon defense, Browns’ owner apologizes to fans, Giants yacht party, Manziel violates restraining order, Embiid, Cousins wants his money, Antonio Brown Madden ad and Brad Marchand.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jrayson Allen

    Oh people really thought that indefinite suspension was going to be something real? At least Rod knew Coach K better than that. And he already tried to kick somebody again in his first game back! He must be on that Draymond body control method. Could you imagine if it was Calipari doing that one game suspension though? People hate on him for not shitting on his players and playing up the farce of amatuerism but Coach K is the one that gets to keep that nice white shine.

    And speaking of the NCAA’s hypocrisy, Dabo Luther the King made another $1.5 million in bonuses for winning the title on Monday. I just want to know how much extra education all his field nigg… I mean players got for winning? Oh, they don’t get more? It’s almost like getting paid in education is some bullshit. Oh well, I guess there just wasn’t enough money to go around when they’re only charging a million dollars per commercial.

    And what the fuck kinda racist ass franchise are the Hawks running over there?

    Great show as always guys. That Man Seeking Woman byke!!

  2. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and Justin Beckham, Jr!

    That doggone Odell! I need him to keep his tantrums private for real! Folks have been punching walls forever but in this social media age, he needs to learn that everyone is watching him. Bless his heart, he couldn’t catch a cold Sunday.

    Anywho – my Falcons will be playing the Seahawks. Time for some get back. Falcons Twitter has been calling for Future to be played at the GA Dome. I don’t know how I feel about that. I can be petty, but not that petty. I like Ciara!!! I just checked twitter and it appears Coach Quinn said it won’t happen. Coach Quinn is a bit of a hiphop head, I’m glad he won’t fall to the petty. Rod, you’re so right, the music in the GA Dome should be fire! Thankfully they’ve been paying attention to the fan surveys that we season ticket holders complete each week and it’s gotten better. Considering Saturday might be the last game ever in the GA Dome, hopefully we’ll hear some Outkast.

    It seems whenever I come on here and complain about the Hawks, we win. We’ve been on a winning streak since my last comment (well a few games before but I’m claiming this one). I don’t think the Korver trade negatively impacted the Hawks but it sure does help Cleveland. I’m not sure why we are hell bent on helping other teams win. Just like when we got Tiago Splitter. It freed up cap space for the Spurs but Tiago has done NOTHING for the Hawks. I can’t remember the last time I saw him in a Hawks uniform. He does wear nice suits on the bench though. Unfortunately I also think I’m a bit of a jinx to the team. I have a half season pass to the Hawks and it seems they lose every home game I attend. Even the games where I have tickets, they win when I sell my ticket… This will be tested Sunday. We currently have a 2-0 record against the Bucks this season, if we lose I’m going to see if the Hawks will buy me out of my package for the sake of the team.

    So this upcoming weekend – I definitely have my Falcons beating Seattle. I’m torn on whether I want the NFC Championship in the Dome. I’m not scared of Green Bay at all, but it will be easier to book my flight to Houston right after we win if I’m not IN the Dome. Either way, I’m planning a trip to Houston.

    Have a great week guys!!!

    • FalconsDiva

      Correction – it appears Coach Quinn said he won’t REQUEST extra Future music.

      Oh and I forgot to mention the Wes Wilcox comment. Yeah, I’m writing a letter to the organization about that one. With the history of the organization – that was irresponsible and as a Hawks member, I’m offended.

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