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PG 78: Soulja Boi vs Chris Brown

Rod and Justin discuss lyrics to albums, white people giving Trump a pass, YMCA basketball, Greg, Fences, Hello my name is Doris, LHHNY, Hooters, Cheeks, Cocks and Trey Songz.


  1. Teamwombraider

    I missed this episode. One thing is for sure. If there was a pro gluteus version of hooters, aka Cheeks (I was thinking CHEEKIES). No one would make it inside due to all the dudes not leaving the spot. Just posting up everywhere.

    Thanks again guys,

  2. Mcini90

    I just became a premium member and I’m so glad I did for an episode like this!!! I am continually telling friends and family (those who have a sense of humor) about this show so they can get fed the hilarious reality we live in. THANK YOU for making fun of these boys calling themselves men. It’s sad they have a platform! Such a shame, but again thank you for teaching me to laugh at the bullshit.

    Much love ❤️,

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