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1358: Cream

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Justin from the Medium Popcorn Podcast to discuss the Golden Globes, Throwing Shade gets a TV show, creepy Coachella trip, Rebecca Ferguson, Rent-A-Center, BallerAlert, man shoots at wife, GOP horse thief, boyfriend kissing his ex’s mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mayabee

    RE: Tom Hiddleston’s speech: I don’t know bout y’all, but I wasn’t any count for a good 30 minutes because I was dying at Christian Slater’s face during Hiddleston’s speech. Had my dude going through fifteen emotions in a single look. But Hiddleston’s gumption is a result of him thinkin’ because he famous on the internet, EVERYONE thinks he’s some well spoken and well versed individual. No, nigga. You just Loki to a lot of people. PS: Somebody need to hack Hating Ass Terrell Jones and report him to the authorities.

  2. Mr_Nite

    Yes!!! Hatin Ass Terrel Jones! The police should follow is Bill Cosby ass! Great show everyone!

  3. Andrea

    Never of heard of Brandon and Justin before but when Rod said they had the best theme song I had to pause you guys and go listen. GEE-ZUS H. Christ! When I heard “we are 2 niggas spoiling movies” I lost it, fuck being at work these white folks gonna witness my black girl joy today! Thank you for introducing me to this gem.

  4. Kenneth

    Terrel Jones is a hateful animal.

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