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1369: Southern Charm

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Rod and Karen discuss Casey Affleck, Sister Wives challenge to bigamy laws, victim blaming newscast, porn banned for Filipinos, germs, bad job symptoms, Tamera Mowry, Oklahoma State racism, ATT lawsuit, restaurant owner kicks out black man, cop is friends with racist shooter, Vicki Yohe, Florida judge resigns, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, tampon crimes, woman chops up dead husband and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Karen mentioned that older generations, 25+ are a more learned. In truth, Millennials are the most educated (and underpaid) generation. We have the most degrees, certificates etc.
    I think stupid people are floating around in every generation. The understanding of facts and reality seems to slip through the fingers of Bae Boomers and 21st century young adults. Immigrating to the States as a kid, I was and still befuddled by the lack of historical and political knowledge of older Americans. The education system has never covered the truth or really been factual. I do think that privileges play a part in people being stupid, as Rod said: ‘stupid people play into everything they like.’ Being stupid allows people to feel justified. They never have to challenge all the shit they get. That’s my theory.

  2. EvieE

    Tamara’s husband pulled a Bo Bice. I think he probably did want th extra mayo, why else would his wife ask considering she should know what he likes to eat. Someone called him mayo boy that day probably. We’re going to see a lot of white people playing victim now that Orange Foolius is in office. I was scrolling through my time line and saw a post from a white guy saying it was racist when black people who called write people by random names like Becky, billy, chuck or bob will get punched in the face by him. Sure, Johnny. I think we’re going to hear about that same guy getting beat up. 2017 is the year of white fragility

  3. HvyWght

    The thing about Tamera Mowry and her husband that f*cks with me is that she hadn’t even made the sandwich yet! She ASKED him if he wanted mayo on his sandwich and he “checked” her for her “racism” smh. A white man looking that hard to be the victim DEFINITELY voted for Trump.

  4. BigDaddyD8

    Rod in his southern white woman voice was hysterical !!!! And the woman slapping the cop with the bloody tampon might have been the only police shooting I would have been ok justifying

  5. reallydarkknight

    I’m sorry to do this y’all, but sometime this week you all were talking in White People news about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd and I’m not sure what episode it was. Like you Rod, I flinched when you read that quote from Justin Bieber about Selena dating ‘Rap guys.’ You asked if it was racist.

    Hell yeah it was racist! Racist as fuck! Now that Justin made all his money off Black people, he’s got no fucks to give about Black folks. He can go do a Kid Rock and kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. Usher needs to go check his mans. His Black ass bodyguards need to check his ass.

    Fuck that dude!

  6. Byron Taylor

    That black lady that cut up her man in Guess the Race is a continuation of that skit on “Aquemini”.

    She tried to tell that nigga there wasn’t no cut up with her and she’d cut his ass up! But apparently, he thought she was joking…welp!

  7. btouch

    Also, I am glad I was alone when you said Vicki Yohe was a Mascera-American like Tammy Faye Baker. I’m crying laughing!

  8. btouch

    RE: “The Birth of a Nation”: I saw Nathaniel’s little movie. For the free, to be clear, and after it had fallen out of the news cycle.

    It didn’t get snubbed.

    Judging it purely based on its own merits and shorn of Nate Paker’s possible alleged facilitation of sexual assault, the movie gets a C+ from me. The direction is actually well-done (had Parker not repeatedly shot himself in the foot, he might have been up for special awards from the critics circles, but I dunno about regular competition Best Director raves). The acting is decent, not superlative, not mediocre, just generally good. The screenplay, however, is not good. The dialogue is weak, the characterization are basic, and the film never properly ties some of its themes together, like Nat Turner’s abstract visions.

    I’m not even judging it on historical accuracy; it deviates a good deal from what’s known of Nat Turner’s life, but I’ve seen great biopics that are as heavily fictionalized. I know Fox prepared educational supplemental materials for use in tandem with the film in classrooms (well, they did before they slid the rest of BOAN’s promo budget to “Hidden Figures”), and that material apparently tells the historical Nat Turner story. There is a much better potential film that could come from this material.

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