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BDS 191: Monique Exposito The Side Chick Gawd!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL play offs, Antonio Brown inks deal with Facebook Live, racist tennis commentator, Lil Future, Tom Brady and Trump, Popovich goes in on Trump, Steve Kerr, Pacman arrested again, soccer racism, Butler ain’t done shit, 49ers freezing ticket prices, Siemian turns down Pro Bowl, The Fish Guy, Steph mad at ESPN, Ventura dies in car wreck, DeSean Jackson’s dick, Lady Gaga halftime show, fan pull alarm at Steeler’s facility, Lebron subtweeting again, Rondo being shopped around, police org challenges Goodell, Ronda Rousey getting a gun, Wade extension, Mario Balotelli and Reggie Bush drama.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Steele! I hope y’all black asses are somewhere sitting down and not interrupting anyone’s travel plans. Anyway, Bron has had IT. I told y’all a couple of weeks ago that he is no longer with the shit. He is snatching edges now, and I love it! Someone has needed to tell Charles about himself for years. He’s so fucking stupid that he doesn’t think any of the stuff he says about players is personal. It’s always on the court if you let him tell it. We all know that is bullshit. Bron came thru like DMX and told him he’s wack, and twisted, his girl’s a hoe. He’s broke, the kid ain’t his and errbody know!
    He really got him together, and it was long overdue.
    I hope Melo rots in NY I have no sympathy for him. He chose money over a real chance at a ring every time it was an option. I’m not mad at him for that, but I’m also not gonna feel sorry for him that he never got any help. He chose to re-sign with that inept organization, so he deserves all the misery… With is ball stopping ass.
    I hope the Falcons beat the Pats cuz fuck Tom Brady. I hope someone breaks his arm in the first quarter.
    Anyway, hope y’all had a good week. Later!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Melo

    Damn man Phil got Melo out here looking like a used car salesman. What’s it gonna take to get him off my team and onto your roster? Kevin Love? How bout Kevin Hart?

    Sad thing is they aren’t even my stupidest franchise right now. Nigga the Niners hired John Lynch as our GM for 6 years. Yes, THAT John Lynch, best known for giving himself concussions and trash ass commentary in the booth. The last dude to go from broadcaster to GM with no front office experience was Matt fucking Millen. Man it’s good to be white. Mike Tomlin has a Super Bowl ring and five division titles and they still question him.

    And I don’t even know what to say about this Baylor lawsuit that hasn’t already been said. They had more rapes than wins but everybody in the system was cool letting it go down. We’re disgusting as a society.

    P.S. shout out to Serena the GAWD for #23! They told us it would never happen, that their father was a crazy old man but it’s been 20 years since they came on tour with the beads in their hair and Venus and Serena still dominating the sport. Black Women are undefeated man.

  3. Darienfoxx

    Why every Jimmy Butler interview sound like he’s auditioning for a remake of Juice.

    I think I found a copy of the script:

    Jimmy (talking to Coach Fred Hoiberg): “I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck about you. I don’t give a fuck about Rondo. I don’t give a fuck about Dwyane, either. I don’t give a fuck about myself. Look, I ain’t shit. I ain’t never gone be shit and you less of a man than me, so as soon as I decide that you ain’t gone be shit, POW! So be it. You remember that, motherfucker. ‘Cause I’m the one you need to be worried about…Partner!

  4. t0DDMF

    I really thought Charles Barkley infiltrated the show to talk down on Johnny Football’s drug use haha

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