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TTM 4: Three Sentences

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. Ada (Ah-dah)

    Thanks for doing this recap show! You all have made me like Rebecca more – there’s something about her that makes me dislike her. Maybe it’s because she is married to Miguel in the present day.

    A few things about last week’s ep:
    * I love William and was actually ok with him taking Randall away from work for the full day. Each time he breaks life down for his son, I almost (or do) tear up. He helps Randall have a deeper appreciation for life and for enjoying the moment. I also agree with a previous commenter about his attractiveness. He is grown-man sexy even with his slightly too scraggly beard.

    * Bassey, I feel you on that Nigerian cousin/aunties visits. The last ones I had, my relations came from Naija and I dropped one group at the mall for 4 hours. Went to pick them up, only to have to spend 3 more hours with them in various stores. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!

    * I actually like the Sophie possibilities – I think they show Kevin’s kinder, potentially deeper side. It also hits really close to home that he is going back to see what could have been with the one that got away years ago.

    * Each episode, I love Jack and always think about his selflessness. I’m glad you all mentioned his not celebrating his birthday. I think about that each episode. He has so much love for those kids and for his family. The only thing I didn’t like about him is that he referred to himself as Big Daddy on the banner. That name always makes me think of sleezy old men or cheesy porn.

    * I was so relieved to see the funeral scenes with the kids being teens instead of their 10-year old selves. That means we have more time for even more stories about Jack’s greatness for years to come before he dies and Miguel becomes Not-so-big-but-clearly-not-as-good-and-simply-annoying-Stepdaddy.

    * I don’t know if we ever heard Horse-Jerk’s name, but when Kate went back to him to thank him for pushing her to try, I thought for sure he was going to say, “I’m not being a dick, I am a dick. No really, my name is Richard, but most people call me Dick for short and because I am one and have mine ready for you when you come to room 13. Like I said, this IS going to happen.”

    * I’d be so fine with this show taking a Lost turn and becoming SciFi out of no where so that Jack can come back to life in the present day, kick Miguel’s ass, and help save William’s life somehow.

    Thanks again for doing these great recaps! Love ya’ll!

    • ClassicRandBLover

      Love your thoughts Ada.

      I have issues with modern day Rebecca, but that’s because I don’t think that Mandy Moore, who is fantastic as flashback Rebecca is convincing as 60+ Reb Eva. Like you, that feeling is not helped by the Miguel thing. Why show why. We all know Miguel killed Jack and nothing you say will convince us otherwise.

      I am side-eying Sophie until we get clarification on her role in the Kate as a pig napkin and whether she was just using Kate to get next to Kevin. I agree with old that I would like for Kevin to discover that Sophie isn’t the one he is meant to be with, just the one he was holding on to. People like Kevin need to find people who don’t have past person baggage or else they tend to revert to all the negatives they are trying to move past.

      I took the Big Daddy moniker to be one Rebecca and the kids gave Jack. The kids are the big three, he’s their father and they share the same birthday, so they call him Big Daddy, but yeah, I see the ick factor of that nickname.

      Also agree with Rod that the show needs to somehow retconn Jack’s death because Jack is the ish. They better not do something to make us hate him in an effort to sell us one Miguel.

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