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TNO 76: SkullCandycorn

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss Best Buy and Skull Candy headphones then we get into listener feedback, entertainment and news. We cover Mass Effect not coming to the Switch, Carrie Fisher won’t be digitized, Agent Carter, details on the Switch, child porn mods suing Microsoft, James Bond, Walking Dead violence, GI and Transformers, Star Trek premiere delayed, Samsung batteries, Miles Morales in animated Spider-man movie, M Night wants to direct an episode of Stranger Things, Harry Potter sequels rumor, live action Attack on Titan, Black Adam solo movie, Lost, Sega music on Spotify, The Flash getting script rewrite, DC pays comic creators better, Gina Prince-Bythewood helming Cloak and Dagger, X-men pilot, Groot spinoff music, Rampage movie, Square Enix and Marvel teaming up, Fantastic Four wants into the MCU and The Great Wall.


  1. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss and Aaron,

    Did y’all niggas check out Legion yet?? Gotta admit it was interesting and the pilot was well done.. at least enough to get me back next week, don’t wanna commit to much it is fox. Also I caught a screener of John Wick 2 on Tuesday and Niggggaaa…. don’t wanna spoil that was lit. Everything you loved about the first one only more and better.

    Also I saw that Cindy Moon was a character in Spider-Man Homecoming I love the Silk book do you think she might be the first supporting spider-verse character we get on the big screen? Also have you been reading inhumans vs x-men so far pretty good and for everybody was talkin bout the x-men getting phased out looking dumb as shit right now.

    Lastly Aaron have you played Paragon? It’s a PS4 and PC cross play gamenand it’s the best free game I’ve ever played. They made a game where u don’t have to pay for anything, the make a new character every 3 weeks new maps are free and skins and other in game boost can be bought with coins you earn from xp. It’s basically a 5 on 5 capture the flag type game where u gotta get through 3 set of towers to get to the core.

    Love all of y’all shows keep up the black excellence


  2. Amani

    Nigga. DC. Nigga!

    Affleck off of Batman, Flash is getting another re-write and still doesn’t have a director, and we’ve still heard more about Justice League than Wonder Woman. Hit that Vince Carter gif it’s over. At this point we’re just gonna hear they hired Berlanti to take over the whole division in five years. I haven’t seen a collapse this bad since the Falcons.

    But who knew Elon Musk was the educated brother from the bank? Uber CEO out here running their operation out of the Carter, snitching on everybody. Now we just gotta wait for Richard Branson to show up with some fake ass dreads and fucked up hat. You know he’s got something to say with their their supervillain feud still running.

    And your tweets made me finally check out Ghosts in the Hood. Is there anything that doesn’t get made better by adding niggas? I need Marshawn Lynch to show up in an episode and that shit better win an Emmy.

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