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PG 85: Can Black People Be Racist?

Rod and Justin discuss getting old, lawn maintenance, dealing with homophobic relatives, YMCA basketball, handling beef, Black History Month, can black people be racist, Real Housewives, LHHNY reunion and listener feedback.


  1. Beezle28

    Justin you diabolical sob! Lol as soon as I think I’m close to understanding your logic, nope! Lol you throw a wrench in the plans! 1. Calling the police on your neighbors for noise? You know they killin ppl right? Lol 2. Shaking the MF table at work cause you bored?! The most lightskintedess thing I’ve EVER heard of lol (but I respect the petty lol) 3. You on the right side of defending your lbgt family members. I don’t have a clue wtf you gon say next, or if you’re serious. That’s why we don’t trust y’alls kind! lol and I too can relate with that gettin old shit! Gettin outta bed with injuries like, seriously? Did I run a marathon in my sleep or some shit?! Rod, I’m w/ you, FUCK CUTTIN GRASS!! Y’all can have that shit while I look out the window like Georgina in Get Out lol aight fellas, have a good one, thanks for the shows!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Justin, and hopefully Karen. Dat Remy Ma, had to listen to that behind the couch so i wouldn’t catch a stray.

    Rod if you like Ghosts in the hood you will love Ghost Brothers. First the dudes are barbers and they do all they planning while cutting hair. Second they just silly, they investigated this old brothel and tit was suppose to have been haunted by a prostitute, so one of the dudes walks around waving a 20 saying “what that mouth do”. They are doing a marathon on March the 5th of all 6 eps, and the second seasons starts soon.

    Second why hasn’t health and nutrition been addressed in the Hotep Off? Too many women running around with their periods, alkali all in their bodies.

    Take care Dear Brothers


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