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SMR 122: Get Out

Rod and Marissa review Jordan Peele’s Horror movie about racism, “Get Out.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I finally got around to seeing Get out and it was SOOOOOO good. I really enjoyed your review and the way that you and Marissa Jenae broke it down. I feel like I understand or “got” most of the references to casual racism and micro-agressions (at least as many as a white person can) but that’s mainly because I listen to you guys, TWiB, the Interracial Jawn etc., and you cover alot of these scenarios and themes on a regular basis. But I wonder as well, about white people who don’t pay attention to this stuff because 99% of us are completely oblivious and clueless. I’m guessing those people enjoyed the movie and rated it well on Rotten Tomatoes because they thought the film was a fantasy from the white family’s perspective and they just didn’t make it to the ending. :p

    Speaking of film/tv, I think you mentioned recently that you might try to do some more tv reviews when you have more time. If you do, I would love to hear one of Underground. I just finished the Harriet Tubman episode “Minty” and holy crap that was one of the most amazing tv moments I have ever seen, especially given the current political climate. I’ll be sitting with that final speech for a looooooong time. So good. That shit BETTER get an Emmy.

    Also, finally got around to the People Vs. OJ Simpson and OMG that show was just too much fun. Would love to hear you break that one down.

    Anyways not trying to demand free labor, just wanted to throw those out there for consideration. Thank you, as always, for everything you do. Love you both –John

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello TBGWT Premium,

    I’m late as usual but I’m back on Premium and it feels so good! Anyways, I just want to thank you for this SMR and for including a Black woman’s perspective on the movie in your podcast. I’ve heard and read so many Black men’s perspectives since the movie’s been out and I’m so glad you’ve amplified other voices.

    Thank you!

    Didi Jenning

  3. Amani

    This really was the story of the election and America was Chris. Wanted to believe so bad the white woman was gonna do the right thing even after we had alllll that evidence that they were in on it. Meanwhile Rod is telling us the whole time not to trust these people. I gotta watch it again, if my man is a lefty you might have a lawsuit on your hands!

  4. ProfKori

    Such a good comparison with how Pixar movies entertain kids but contain nuance that only adults will notice. Already wanted to see it, but you’re confirming that there are levels to be appreciated!

  5. Just-a-ton

    I wish I saw this movie in the blackest theater I could find. Unfortunately I didn’t but I still loved the hell out of it and will be seeing it again with a friend.

    One of my favorite scenes is when Chris meets Andrew and he tells him he is happy to see another brother. Then Andrew tells he white wife that Chris was happy to see another brother.

    When he told his wife that I was like “damn dude you are violating the black code you can be telling white people that shit.”

    This is the best thriller I’ve ever seen because I could identify with the micro aggression that he got.

  6. Selester63

    Great movie. When I first started to see the trailers for this movie it looked interesting but I wasn’t sure I would see it (at least in the theater). Then when I heard Kris and Phenom on MTR talk about how good it was I knew I had to see it. I went to a mostly black movie theater to get “the full black movie experience”. It was great, people were cheering and clapping towards the end. I’m looking forward to more movies from Jordan Peele.

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