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1391: #shETHER

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jae of the Morning Punch In Podcast to discuss Jae’s path to covering sports and entertainment, people growing on social media, Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj, Muhammad Ali’s son detained, white terrorist in Kansas City, Sinead O’Conner apologizes to Arsenio, Nick Cannon has a new child, Jay-Z is the first rapper in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Brian Cox on reverse racism, Get Out, prune head, angry lady on a plane, angry woman on a train, firefighter accused of watching child porn at work and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Shether is one of the reasons I love my people so damn much. In a world where Mango Mussolini is ruining this country, this was the distraction I needed. I got my life all day on Twitter and for that, Remy Ma will always be a hood hero.

  2. SeanEKPG

    Jae’s story about Steven Seagal reminded me of a friend of mine who, when she was seventeen, got invited to be a translator at a dinner with Steven Seagal. She was fresh off the plane from Minnesota where she was an exchange student, and thought it would be a cool gig. This was ’94, so he was 46 at the time. Apparently his wedding ring, three decade age disparity, and her obvious disinterest did not stop him from being a creep throughout the meal. So hearing that he was still a slimy creep did not surprise me in the least.

    That being said, I have a couple friends that have gone to his aikido dojo up in Juso, now run by his wife. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it up there, even if his wife is basically running the place I would not want to see his face.

  3. DERRICk

    Love this episode guys and today’s guess was awesome love hearing people talk about the ins and outs of boxing.

  4. Jai Hawkins

    Remy lyrically murdered Nicki. I used to be a Nicki fan but I feel bad for her ass now lol. Yo Rod said Remy wrote the dis while sitting on Papoose face….why the fuck I bust out laughing at that because I could seriously see that. I watched them freestyle together one day and it was epic! They both got serious bars!!

  5. MartyJBoss

    I just had a discussion with my co workers, two nitwits who are trying to invalidate this Remy and Nicki beef as just PR and marketing as if Remy has no merit. As if any other rap beef didn’t result in name recogniziton and some type of uptick in “fame”. One is under the impression that Nicki raps, sold a multitude of records with rapping on them and her status in the mainstream is the reason she is the Queen Of Rap (guess the race).

    The other is an old man jones who borders the ashy aisle (shea butter stat?) who was in his heyday during the era of Biggie and Tupac while I was barely in grammer school, was around during JayZ and Nas beef as I was just entering high school, and still hanging on as 50 and Ja- Rule had their run at each other.

    Granted I wasn’t “there” ( old man jones thinks because I wasn’t present -what the hell do I know since he supposedly hung in these circles from back in the day, was at the Source awards etc). Granted I was on the periphery in regards to hip hop culture (and all forms of “secular” music due to my religious upbringing. But I know my shit. I’m a big Kim fan, so by default I cautiously followed Nicki’s career. I stand by this Shether track till the day I die. This Nicki/Remy stuff goes back as they both revolved in the same circles trying to get put on.

    Nicki filled the void that was left with no major, mainstream female Hip Hop act on the scene. We still had Missy, Trina and few other artists out but no one that was really accessible to the next generation coming up in this internet age. The first few years of Nicki’s “ascenison” was essentially built on Kim’s back for lack of a better term, then she sort of transcended that into this pop celebrity with the “Lady Gaga -esque” aesthetic. I used to check Nicki out hear and there but about the time Black Friday (Kim’s mix) dropped I just couldn’t support ‘ol girl (never bought a record) simply due to her lack of respect for the ones who paved the way for her. Her shady subliminal one liners, bar biting, swaga -jacking was what led to the rise of Ms. Nicki and Barbie nation. For nearly the last decade she had her time to shine unchecked, or challenged by any other female RAPPER, not artist. As an artist I would never discount anything Nicki has done, and achieved but for the culture I know what this means and what this is.

    The 90s were a different era. We weren’t tapped in as often as we are now but does that make this beef less “real”? Is it because they’re black women that they want to disregard this as someone “trying to make a name for themselves because they were locked up” (you were sixteen, in TN with your picket fences 10 years ago leave me alone dude)

    It’s funny to me how folks try to invalidate shit just because we are in this new social media, post everything you do, google this, youtube that “fake news” era as if information isn’t verified,signed, sealed and approved before I deliever. Old man jones under the impression that “you getting this all from the internet” I mean I heard the tracks on the internet but I grew up on this shit. I remember listening to Remy on the radio in my second year of college had me like “she cool” (talking about BJs on the radio-true story) “Lean back” “Lean back”. This around the same time Kim was promoting The Naked Truth album, and did the BET joint just before she was about spend her time in lockup. I remember not too long after that Remy had her case and had to go the penn, thought damn “she barely had time to shine” and promote that album, but she held it down like “Whuteva”.

    Its also funny to me how a dude who confuses 2 Chainz with “2 Phones”, is trying to tell me what this beef is about, what this beef means and Remy just trying to make a name for yourself by coming after someone is making more money than her. As if? Nicki and Will Smith probably the only two rappers this dumpy mf know.

    Damn I wrote an essay. I needed to vent with my people. Love the show, this recap. and “fuqq Nicki Minaj” (Shether bullets spray) she had this coming. She still aight tho if I hear her on somebody ish I’ll probably hear a few cute bars.

  6. Co_CoPelli

    As someone who listens to rap but doesn’t follow the industry closely, I always enjoy and learn something from Rod’s detailed analyses of rap beefs.

  7. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Yes, Karen! Keep channeling your inner pun creator!
    The breakdown of shETHER would make Rap Genius jealous.
    Well done from start to finish, y’all.

  8. Selester63

    Rod and Karen,

    I really enjoyed the show with Jae. I’m not a real big boxing fan but I do try to keep up with what’s going on in the sport so I’ll be listening to her podcast. Peace.

  9. Mr_Nite

    Karen should have her own segment called “Next Time with Karen”. I’m here for it! Witht that said, “A white man playing Bruce Leroy? 100!” Did this dude not see The 10 Commandments and all the Easter Jesus movies! Fuck Outa here.

  10. Jackie

    RE: Guess the race – The woman who was bleeding and needed to get off of the plane. I guessed black, because so many black women have fibroids, which can cause heavy bleeding. I had them and on heavy day it wasn’t unusual for me to go through 12-20 super plus tampons and pads (I had to use both). And standing up is the worst! Many times I would have a “gush” of flow when standing up.

    So happy I’m menopausal.

  11. Anonymous

    Damn! Another epic episode!

    For some reason now I got the ether instrumental run in my head! I guess that’s what happens when you hear it for 7 mins straight! That play by play you guys broke down was better than the NBA on TNT! Real talk it’s better nicki don’t say shit because it just gonna make it worse!

    Great show as usual guys (and a great guest)

  12. FalconsDiva

    Way to come through TBGWT!!! When shETHER came out, I tried to listen. Then I saw it was over 7 minutes and hesitated. Then the link I had kept trying to make me download the Soundcloud app and I said “Eff it, I’ll wait for Rod to play it on TBGWT and I’m sure he’ll translate for me.” So I waited and you came through!!! I knew I wouldn’t understand half the disses and I was right. Thank you for making shETHER clear for the old folks Rod. You’re the real MVP!

    • FalconsDiva

      Oh and Karen, bottomless mimosas are life giving! Next time you come to Atlanta, I have to take you to my favorite brunch spot. $11 bottomless mimosas!

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