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1398: Involuntary Immigration

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Rod and Karen some random thoughts, LGBT news, Ben and Jerry’s, Nick Cannon, female marines pics exposed online, a day without women, Young Thug, Aetna lying, Supreme court ruling on racial bias in juries, 2 Chainz, pee in pools, Uber CEO tripping again, Morehouse drama, Rachel Lindsay, Ben Carson defends his comments, Wells Fargo, Insane Clown Posse disfingerment, fake bomb threats, toe sucking bandit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I have been wearing a military uniform for the past 32 years. Your story on this Marine Facebook group really should have people take a pause on who we call heroes. When I came back from the Gulf War, people said that I was a hero for me just doing my job. I’ve never liked the term. How heroic are Marines passing around nude pictures of fellow Marines to 30,000 of their ‘best friends?’ Women who’ve served are treated differently than men who’ve served and still aren’t given the same respect as I am.

    I am not naive enough to think the other services don’t have something similar. It’s sad because although when I was a Lieutenant it was bad, now as a Colonel it is much better, we still aren’t there yet. I’m not sure we’ll ever be.

    Thanks for the work that you guys do. This week has really gotten to me.

  2. HouseKat

    Are we sure that Dr. Ben Carson hasn’t been the victim of a “Get Out” scenario? He did hang out with a lot of white brain surgeons who were on the cutting edge of brain surgery advancements… Was there a time when he wasn’t a respectability politics zombie?

    • Solblissful

      Hilarious HouseKat! LOL. He is definitely in a sunken place.

  3. hirojashibe

    I am surprise that Karen did not insist that this Episode would be titled
    What About The White Kids In Wisconsin ?

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