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1399: Sweet Swirly Z-Poc Love



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Rod and Karen are joined by Chels of the Gridiron Gals Podcast (CSPN) to recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Monica

    Oh no, I don’t want the Junktocons to turn out to be the enemy! We only really know Jadis so maybe as a group they won’t really impact the storyline as much.
    Kind of random but I have to say that when Rod called that carnival deer stupid and said it must have been Bambi’s mother, I clutched my chest, I wanted to cry! Says more about me than about you, Rod. I must have some repressed stuff going on.
    Anywhoodle, I enjoy TWD but I only started watching for your recaps. They never disappoint! Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    First of all, love you both and your show! in reference to Michonne pushing the car, the one time it is okay to have your girl push the car is if you drive a stick and you are the only one that can pop the clutch to get it started after the battery died. LOL. Then it is okay.

  3. csick

    When Michonne shot that bottle from the roof, I just assumed she was aiming for one of the Walkers and just missed spectacularly. How could she have gotten better at shooting after the Saviors took all their rifles?

  4. Dunedragon

    Rod! You called the swirly love in the previous review! It’s confirmed TBGWT gets script leaks.

    This was the Women’s day episode of walkin dead. Only strong ass women allowed.

    Was I the only one that noticed the amount of candles they had burning in the carnival bunker of love? Negan must not have candles on his list of things to bring as tribute.

    I did not feel the episode was “filleristic” like last episode. The jungle love at the beginning had me worrying that micheone was going to die this episode. And when she dropped that sword I was like “THATS IT! They have killed my Girl! :'(”

    I don’t see them killing Negan by the end of the season. Not that they will go the way of the comics, I just see him being the big bad into next season. What’s the rush?

    Another great podcast. Belated Happy Women’s day, lovely Karen.

    (Just did a spelling check to make sure didn’t write Rob instead of Rod. I swear the last two times was by accident but during the podcast Rod pronounces the B like a disappointed 3Rd grade English teacher. “roB”.

  5. Amani

    This whole damn episode just sums up being a Black Woman. Rick didn’t listen to Michonne telling his ass to go home, gave her ALL the work killing the zombies, didn’t notice her pain at almost losing him and he STILL got a pep talk and built back up by a Black Woman. Just look at her smiling at Rick knowing she fucked his ass to sleep and driving her man’s car. Then she has to look happy her man brought her some hamburger helper and made her get out and push the car.

    Then after everything Rosita has been on this whole season, NOW she comes to Sasha and drags her into a death trap? Without even an apology. And her salty ass is acting like it’s Gabe’s fault she missed? Peak White Feminism. She wants to be oppressed so bad.

    And I can’t wait for the Junkyard Dogs to flip on em and turn out to be a Saviors satellite outpost who they’re arming.

  6. desiree

    All y’all give me and now I know about a podcast about football hosted by women? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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