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BDS 197: Slave-drian Peterson

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Olympics, Lavar Ball, OJ Simpson, A Rod dating J-Lo, Hardy gets off, Johnny Football, Vince Carter, Mark Cuban, Rory Mcilroy golfs with Trump, JR Smith, Joe Thomas, Ricky Rubio on trade rumors, Mike Malone, David Parry, Tristan Thompson, James Harden, Skins conspiracy, Baker Mayfield, Mark Ingram, Brandon Marshall wins award, Canuck pride jersey, Gretzky’s son, Jerry Jones can’t have a Twitter account, Kaep won’t kneel now, Dalvin Cook, Adrian Peterson hot take, full time NFL refs, Dez Bryant, Nick Young robbed, Ty Lawson on that alcohol, Baylor lawsuit, Serena to miss Indian Wells, Demetrius Harris, Tyrod Taylor stays with Bills, Jay Gruden extension, Vince Young signs with Canadian team, LeBron apologizes to Savannah, Nike creates Muslim wear, US Soccer makes players stand for anthem, Festus Ezeli getting cadaver surgery, Lakers almost got Cousins, Panarin racist, Ho-Sang scores and ESPN facing lay offs.


  1. Darienfoxx

    What up Rod and J. Mayweather,

    Just wanted to put you on to a book I just read called “How to Make $50 Million” by Conor McGregor

    Step 1: Say “Hey Floyd Mayweather! You ain’t shit. I can beat you in a boxing match.”
    Step 2: Repeat

    Connie’s about to come up. He’s gonna go in that ring and get knocked out in the first 10 seconds. But watch him smile as he falls to the mat. If I were Conor McGregor, I wouldn’t even train for the fight. My whole training montage would just be me researching mutual funds and shopping for private jets.

    It’s white privilege vs woman beater. Who y’all got?

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Igoudala

    Iggy over here shaking the table! First Draymond talks about the slave system and now Andre Igoudala over here calling Steve Kerr massa? People taking his word that’s all a joke, but are we sure?? Folks still buying into the cute, cuddly lightskin game and forgetting these are a bunch of niggas in Oakland. I love it.

    And Baylor might have to shut down and just arrest everybody who works there at this point. They just had to fire the new director of football operations after inappropriate texts to teenagers? Come on man, this is the nigga they JUST hired last month to help clean up the program. What are these interviews like over there? Only 3 rapes a month, well that’s great productivity, you got the job. I swear they just want to have their own segment on the show. Shit is ridiculous.

    Alright y’all great show as always. Just waiting for Justin to go full Lonzo Ball and tell you how y’all would have gone undefeated if he wasn’t hurt and Ivan isn’t even in his league.

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