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1404: Morgan Goes Full Throttle

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jeremy of The Crown and Collards podcast to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I think I might have commented on this previously, but it’s also possible that I meant to comment and never did. I must admit that I am not really a Walking Dead fan, not because of the show itself, but because of the Zombie issue. I hate them, really disgusting and too slow-moving, but the Zpoc probably changes this and shifts the odds. I started watching this season because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. For the most part, I haven’t really been able to get into the episodes without him, but that is to be expected since I am essentially joining the party three-quarters of the way in. As a result, your cast is really helpful to me because you explain things in a way that helps me connect with the backstory. I likely will tune out once JDM is gone, but will probably continue to listen to the podcast because in all honesty, I’m more taken by it, than I am by the show itself.

  2. Amani

    The slave auction story caught me because that’s the district I went to High School. It was already going to be a shift moving from an all Black afrocentric school in the hood to a blended suburb but the schools had a great reputation. But it’s full of that good northern, white liberal racism. Shocking I know! They sell themselves on their diversity, being right outside New York and it is dope having people from all backgrounds in town getting along but they don’t tell you when school is over your black ass is walking on the right side of the train tracks with the rest of the niggas while most of the white kids head on the other side of the hills.

    When I was there at least, there were actually more Black students than white EXCEPT in all the advanced and honors classes which were almost exclusively white. When we led a walkout to protest, I’ve still never heard more Get Out style polite ways of calling us niggas than that week and getting yelled at in Board of Education meetings. From what I understand the Slave posters were just one option among several assignments, but it doesn’t surprise me a district that deludes itself into believing it really is post-racial would propose that and not understand the context needed before just hanging them around school.

    And after that Fucking With Black People my ass was just like Morgan seeing clear on the face of any treacherous white man that comes across trying to undermine Obama… I mean Ezekiel.

  3. Eddie

    I think the Kingdom was going to be ok as far as having food to give to the Savior cause the bugs only was in King Zeke personal garden as the lady who peed her pants said they needed to burn his garden to get rid of them before they spread to the main garden. But I liked how that was slid in the show to make that a building block as a reason why them fighting should happen.

    In reference to the preview for next week I knew Daryl going back to hilltop was going to be an issue but that was made even more apparent after Dr. Carson was killed at the Saviors camp. Not sure if you guys caught it or not but right after throwing him in the fire Negan says “Glad we have another one” In reference to Dr Carson’s brother the other Dr. Carson who is currently the doctor at Hilltop. I said all that just to say i think that is the reason that the Saviors are headed to Hilltop not that they was tipped off that Daryl was there. But just them going there will be an issue cause as you stated in this episode punk A Gregory is a rat and weak so he will drop the dime on either Daryl or Maggie(who Negan thinks is dead). He will do something that will do nothing but cause issues to the group.

    As always great review love hearing you guys views on the episode.

  4. WhitleyFBrooks

    “The 911 dispatcher in the Tamir Rice case…”

    ONE HUNDRED!!! I don’t need to hear anything further! (Yes, I play fuckin with black people at work, right along with y’all!)

    Love you guys, this show is my favorite!

  5. Mack

    I don’t think Gavin’s crew is itching to kill. They have plenty of zombie killing whenever they want. They’re just bullies, and they need to see the victims cower. We’ve seen that with the others, like the woman that hipped Eugene to the game. They do the same thing in their own compound in the market. That’s why Bizarro dude loves to flex. The funny thing is that he’s just a buster, and without being in the crew, he’d get stomped out. Even Ben could take that dude out. And I think that’s why Gavin is so annoyed. Bizarro’s constant flexing and provocation caused previously docile people to begin to start to raise up. Bullies don’t like getting hit back. They pick on people that won’t hit back. So for the weakest dude in the crew to kill the boy, it was too much. It’s like when you constantly have to fight because you have a mouthy friend that can’t hold his own. You might back him up, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get on your nerves. None of the other folks in the crew are on constant provocation mode.

    Also, I think Bizarro dude is exactly what you would have to deal with without Negan. You cut off the head, and all of the structure goes away. All that’s left is roving bands of marauders. Now, that might make them less effective and easier to beat, but it would also bring a different type of terror.

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