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PG 88: Where Is The Westworld Racism?

Rod and Justin discuss getting ashy out the shower, a whole lot of TV shows, LHHATL, Citizen Radio scandal, Miguel titty gate, the road rage incident, Reality Show news and Nicki’s diss track.


  1. Darienfoxx

    Niggas, goddamn, there are so many comments on the pre-game! I guess it’s cause y’all are just that damn entertaining. Got us out here looking forward to weekly YMCA recaps. How Sway?

    Speaking of which, I was gonna share this in BDS, but i felt it was more relevant to the Y basketball recap. Someone posted video of Lavar Ball’s trash-ass game in rec league ball. He’s #8 wearing the red jersey.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up, my niggs! Just writing in to tell you how much I love and appreciate the Pregame. I fux with all the TBGWT shows, but in the last several months I’ve really enjoyed this particular show. Along with the main show (TGBWT) it has become my favorite show on this network. I really appreciate and enjoy the friendship you guys have. Hearing you shoot the shit is really cool and reminds me of how my boys and I used to kick in when we were in college. We’re kinda spread out now and don’t get to hang and talk as much as we did before because as you know, life happens. So things like the random conversations, the real shit, the inside jokes, etc. you guys rap about on here are dope to me because they remind me of my crew. Plus, I used to play lots of pick up basketball, so every time you guys talk about that it takes me to a very familiar place. Everything from the specific situations (e.g. playing in sketchy areas), to the types of people you play with all sounds familiar to me. Anyway, keep doing your thing. Y’all are some good dudes and I’m glad I get to hear you chop it up once a week.


  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Justin, as always great show. On the last episode i was shocked you guys couldn’t figure out how Kirk has a second phone. You can get a tracfone with 60 minutes for 50 dollars. Rod you a good dude, but as ratchet as Justin is, i figured he knew all about burn phones.

    And on the concept of Podcast groupies 2 questions: 1, Rod have you ever been approached by one and 2, you said you would never go there, but what if Hitomi Tanaka hit you up as a fan of the show and asked if she can come through?

    Take care


  4. Rwh2016

    Hey Guys,

    I couldn’t hang on watching Westworld. I thought I’d be able to watch the show but the plot & the characters kept putting me to sleep. I remember seeing the 1973 movie where Yul Brenner played the bad guy in black. Of course in the movie, he was the android.The movie doesn’t stand up to time.
    J. Spicer, You were complaining about the lack of black people in these network shows…Well children, Mother Oprah has provided! Netflix now has the rights to stream OWN’s Greenleaf. All black cast, Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Church Scandal, Pimps in the pulpit? We have no excuse NOT to watch. My wife got me hooked. I’m looking to see how close the show mirrors the church scandals in real life (Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long, etc). Maybe you guys can convince Karen to do a Off Season Review of the show. I’d love to hear Karen’s take on the show.



  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and J. Sneezy,

    Regarding pollen, it is worse than it used to be, and the reason is tree misogyny.

    In general, pollen comes from male trees and fruit comes from female trees. Cities started planting male trees rather than female trees along sidewalks and such because the fruit drops off and makes a mess.

    The result is there is less street fruit for birds and bugs to eat and a shitload more trees street harassing your nose with pollen.

    Pollen can be super aggressive, too! Some pollen is actually screw shaped and drills into the inside of your nose! I’d much rather have mulberries and crab apples all over the place getting squirrels drunk.

    Love the show,

    Lauren in Pittsburgh

  6. rodimusprime

    Some day I will have to tell you about my exquisitely racist time travel show that I came up with last year to sell to the Blaze channel.

    It is sort of the opposite of Coon Stoppers.

    It’s called “The 12 Harambes.”

    Future Ben Carson sends people back in time to try to prevent black activists from fucking things up for Black people with the civil rights movement. Barack Obama and John Lewis work behind the scenes to thwart him.

    I am deeply ashamed.


    • Terrence

      I’m waitin on that one, Dawgs! That shit so gonna be off the hook, Son!

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