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1418: KendALL Lives Matter Jenner

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Rod and Karen discuss more Bill O’Reilly fall out, bridge burning suspect arrested, Young Thug cleared of all charges, isolationist Island, Mike Epps punched by Kangaroo, Sage Steele replaced, Muslim teen gets into Stanford shouting out BLM, white girl gets a black doll, Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, Howard West, Drunk Lives Matter, man has sex with a fence, a snake stops a sex crime and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Pepsi has been trash for years. And I hate when I ask for coke at restuarant and the waiter asks if pepsi is okay. No mother fucker! It’s not okay! And what’s worse is when I ask for a coke and they don’t tell me they have pepsi products and bring bring me a pepsi as if I can’t tell the difference. Fuck the people who do that. And fuck Pepsi for that trash ass commercial and equally trashy apology. I mean why the hell would you apologize to Kendall? She knew what she was doing. The Kardashians/Jenner have been intentionally tone def on race for years to appear edgy to their fan base. When Kendall finally makes a statement, she’ll shed some crocodile tears and then her fans will call the people who spoke out against the ad, haters and she and the rest of her family will continue to be problematic. Pepsi on the other hand has hopefully learned a valuable lesson.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Totally understand the title of this episode but I sure wish it was titled Crack Pipe MacGyver. I hollered when Karen said that! On the bridge – when it first happened the hosts on the morning show that I listen to talked about all the stuff that was stored beneath that bridge. Apparently they drive by there often and had mentioned it in the past. Later that day, the powers that be were saying that the items stored beneath the bridge were not combustible and could not have caused the fire. Then around noon that day, there was a press conference about the whole thing. They said it wasn’t terrorism and they were still investigating. 2 hours later, they have detained the 3 homeless people. So I’ve been calling BS on the entire situation. While dude may have started a fire, I believe it was the crapton of stuff stored underneath the bridge. And like you said initially, Rob, President Obama tried to prevent stuff like this from happening but mofos were too busy blocking everything he proposed. Thankfully I rarely travel that road.

    Oh and Coke all day every day!

    • FalconsDiva

      Clarification: Rod, not Rob (my first time doing that! I’m so embarrassed….) and Coke instead of Pepsi, not Coke instead of Crack LOL!

  3. MadSanity

    So the Howard West thing is dumb. Other than some students who are expressly looking to work for Google, taking an unpaid summer internship is hustling backwards. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are some of the highest paid interning jobs you can get. Silicon Valley interns can look to make upwards of $15,000-$20,000 in just the summer. Yes in 3 months. Black College students (Especially STEM students) know your value, run your coins and weigh all of your options well.

  4. lamalamatime

    This commercial was so bizarre. I saw that wig and could only say “Heeey Wig.”

    The ad was void of the rebellious and revolutionary air that I have experienced at many protests. I have participated in numerous protests/actions and hell, even led some, but I have never seen cops without riot gear and weapons! They look scary. In all their gear you can only see their eyes. To make things more creepy, a recording system with a robotic sounding voice warns protesters to move or else they will be moved.Then she goes to the front smh. Dawg, wut? I

    But, this commercial did remind me of some of the women’s marches where white womenz were cutting up with cops. Anyway 100!

    • lamalamatime

      I did laugh a lot though, hysterical angry laughter. How did this get approved????

  5. 29savage (@rivahcitygurl)

    I totally agree with you Queen Karen. The main reason I listen to this podcast and other woke podcasts with comedic flair is because it helps me with my anger and reminds me that I’m not crazy when I become furious when I see these ignorant ass tweets from the 45th president (I still can’t absorb the fact that he was elected). It takes a very concerted effort from me not to snap on every white person I encounter and to resist the urge to key every pickup truck with a Confederate flag or Trump sticker. Once again, thank you both so much for keeping a young black millenial woke with a side of jokes. Y’all the real MVPs!

  6. Mimi

    Fuck Pepsi! That ad was vapid and ignorant to reality. IDGAF about Kendall Jenner to even take this fake ass protest statement seriously, first off, and then to give a Pepsi to a cop like it means some shit?!?!? Like drinking that bottle of liquid dissatisfaction would prevent him from tazing or shooting a muthafucka!?!? Get the FUCK outta here!!! Pepsi tastes weak ass anyways! Love me some ice-cold Coca cola 😉

  7. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    There’s NO WAY crack smoking was responsible for the collapsed bridge. From what I’ve heard about crack, it doesn’t burn that long, which is why the fiends re-up so quickly and often. I’m with y’all. I’m calling bullshit. Something tells me that part of the bridge was popular for the homeless. The fire seemed like a way to get rid of the homeless without having to answer questions. As Karen said, as soon as they mentioned crack, the general public will jump to black ppl and automatically believe it. SMDH.

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