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PG 90: Dolezal In Trump’s America

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss vandalizing cars, picking up people waiting for the bus, Chrisley knows best, TV shows, YMCA ball, Karen’s braces, searching for a new job, black men discussing the girl who was choked in the beauty shop and Rachel Dolezal.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Justin.

    Keep doing what y’all do. I am sure y’all will speak on it, but the last few Love and Hip Hop eps have me feeling a certain type of way. I am lapse viewer, i ducked out around the time Rashida’s mom tried to run over Kurt. But I got back in on this season cause of the break baby.

    But with the intro of these new folks, especially Lovely Mimi has me feeling kinda of disgusted. First there is too many random folks that you suddenly suppose to give a damn about but never heard of. Second, Lovely Mimi is just a coon too far, she takes the show straight into UPN black sitcom territory.

    Anyway, just had to vent, i hate when folks fuckup good ratchetness. Oh one quick question are petty agendas just for sports?

    Take care guys


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