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1419: The Junktocons Were Trash

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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms Smart of The Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine podcast to discuss The Walking Dead.

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  1. Dunedragon


    Quoting Eziekel, the episode should have been called “Capricious Malevolence”!!! MMMMM!!!

  2. Dunedragon

    Hi Guys!

    There are two many things I wanted to comment on but the recap show did them justice, so no need to flog it…….. EXCEPT the garbage trucks. I was like “Really Junktacons, really?”.

    The scene with Ezekiel meeting Morgan had me cracking up. The look Ezekiel was giving when he saw Morgan was hilarious. I mean, if a black man with dreads and speaks with in old speak, thinks himself King, living the larper life AND rolls with a tiger looks at YOU like YOU are crazy…..?

    Finally, (trying to keep it short), I disagree with you Rod on how it was to convenient that even though the Alexandrian we caught dead to rights and still be able to come out swinging. It was totally possible. Did you see the John Wick move Carl did once the tiger pounced? He did a shoot the leg then head two shot! I cant wait to see what he will be doing next season. I hope next season starts months into the war, not were we left off.

    Great show (as always).

    P.S. Ms Smart was on point with some of her views, next season make her the permanent 3rd chair!!!

  3. reallydarkknight

    After watching this finale several times, I have a theory about Sasha’s death. I like everyone else thought that she was trying to bust a nut in that first scene, but I think that this is where she actually dies. In the background you can hear the chainsaws cutting those trees down. In the rest of the scenes, just is becoming delirious and that is where she’s having the flashbacks. Also the truck is moving and you can hear that. That Sasha transition that we see is in reverse and that’s why the last time we see Sasha, she takes the pill and turns on Donny Hathaway. She takes the pill as soon as they leave Negan’s compound.

    “Someday We’ll All Be Free” is a beautiful song, but reminds me of death. Yes some Black folks picked that song.

    I knew Rick was back when he pulled that gun on Dwight and cocked his head to the side, haven’t seen that in over a year. That scene between Negan and Rick on his knees was so damned good, Rick is back and he don’t give ONE FUCK!!!

    Lastly, give JDM his Emmy already, he’s so damned good y’all!

  4. EvieE

    Next season I’m really looking forward to a swirly love story between Carol and Zeke. Poor Tobin is just out of luck. Who’s going to step to a dude with a tiger?

    I forgot to add Gregory on the list of people I’d like to see die next season when I wrote in for the recap show. That fool is an even bigger coward than Eugene and that’s saying a lot.

    This episode was amazing and I loved that Negan finally realized that there’s only so far you can push people until they push back.

  5. J-Full

    Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of folks in the Z-poc have electricity? So the power grids still work but not the cell towers? But if the power grid is down and you have a community wouldn’t it be beneficial to see if you could get it back up and running? What if it was something so simple as flipping a switch but nobody thought to do it because they just figured it was irreparably damaged. And speaking of damage, it’s not like the Z-poc was a hurricane, the energy infrastructure should still work on some kind of level. And if the energy infrastructure can be finagled it’d be super dope to be the only community with cell phones. So that’d definitely be on my to-do list. Verizon claims to have all them damn towers some of them hoes gotta still be working, right?

  6. Horatiob

    Rod, I’ll bet Carl’s other eye that Neegan’s backstory is as boring as you suggested. That’s part of the “fun” of the z-poc; people’s pasts could be as boring as possible but a z-poc brings stuff out of people they probably didn’t even know they had in them. It also let’s people choose who they want to be and he chose to be a leader by all means necessary. Cashier?? Nahhhh. Neegan is going straight to the top in the z-poc!!

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rick and Company are too trusting. Damn you Jadis and the Junkyard Crew. Negan’s dialogue was on point! Zeke and Carol were fiya! Morgan was straight up killing folks!

  8. Amani

    Ya boy called it weeks ago about the Junkyard Dogs!! Don’t trust them new niggas over there! Should have known better than to trust a trash crew keeping a gladiator zombie in the up, up, up.

    And you can’t tell me Ezekiel didn’t watch New Jack City and make sure he got that cane sword. Running the Kingdom like medieval Nino Brown at the Carter passing out cobbler instead of turkeys. And I hope we get a Negan background episode, next season. Not because I really need to know, but I want 60 minutes of seeing him react to shit for the first time in the ZPoc. “Is that a motherfucking zombie? Look at the big balls on you!”

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