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TNO 82: The Lavar Ball of Hollywood

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, comic book diversity, Mass Effect, Parappa the Rapper, Matrix movie, Expanse renewed, Star Wars moving on, racist white YouTubers, Zelda, Death Note American version, Spider-man movie universe, Batgirl movie, ScarJo whitewashing controversy, Iron Fist ratings, Daredevil season 3, Star Trek: Discovery, Samuel L Jackson, Transformers spin offs, Kong made 500k, The Fly remake, Ghost in the Shell new animated series, Xbox Scorpio specs dropped, Stephen Amell will compete on American Ninja Warrior, Rampage, Meg, Paramount admits why Ghost In The Shell flopped, Man Seeking Woman cancelled, Call of Duty wants a movie universe, Amazon has Nintendo Switch scams, Switch selling more than Wii, Expendables dropouts, Legend of Conan dead, Schumer out of Barbie movie, Chris Evans as Cap, Gamestop struggling, Mad Catz out of business and clowns are mad at IT.


  1. Amani

    Hey Sony, what was that about Black people not being profitable internationally again? Come through Fate of the Furious! Biggest worldwide opening of all-time and it was 80% overseas? And they want to bring back my nigga Han? Why not?! We’ve got two more movies to get them to space and race the Autobots to save the universe. All things are possible when you’re living your life a quarter mile at a time!

    Meanwhile last episode laid out exactly why I can’t get excited about anything WB does let alone this hypothetical Batgirl movie, which two weeks later they still haven’t confirmed Joss Whedon signed for. I mean y’all have been talking for months about how Wonder Woman is getting no push and it’s damn near here already. Why would I trust this studio with a side character if they don’t even promote the biggest female superhero of all-time?

    And I really need Kriss to stop getting my hopes up about a Knights of the Republic reboot. Between that and Aaron about that Rebels trailer, nigga listen! I have shit to do this year.

  2. Mwangangi

    I also love the Matrix Universe. First two movies are definitely the strongest. The easiest sequel would be to see what happens since this is the first time there was a system reboot without a “reboot” of Zion. So the amount of humans being taken out of the Matrix will be orders of magnitude larger than the system normal and I want to see how the system adapts as well as how Zion adapts to those adaptations.

  3. Mwangangi

    I really wish y’all would read the Expanse books.

  4. Mwangangi

    Yeah, for me, DC has always been bright colors, and simple American assimilationist monoculture.

  5. afropatterson

    Kick! Punch! Its all in the mind. If wanna test me, I’m sure you’ll find that the things I’ll teach ya, but nevertheless you’ll get a lesson from teacha.

    Wow. Parrapa was my jam. That was an epic Christmas. I too did my own remixes.

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