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BDS 211: Extra Gear

Rod and Justin discuss the NBA Finals blame game, listener feedback, Andrew Luck not throwing, Ryan brothers not charged, MSU sexual assault charges, Suh, Le’Veon Bell in the DMs, Jerry Remy, Magic hating on the Warriors, McEnroe slams Court, A-Rod being sextorted, ESPN says they aren’t liberal, Emmett Till’s family defends LEbron, Tramaine Brock charged with DV, Kobe would go see Trump, Fisher crashes Barnes SUV, Addison Russell busted on the gram, Larsa Pippen, Indians’ logo trial, Lonzo Ball work out with Lakers, Sebastian Telfair caught with guns, Lebron passes Magic for Finals triple doubles, Michael Oher pill bottle post, NFL jersey sales, Vick’s retirement facing opposition, Khloe off the pill, Tiger goes the rehab, D Wade’s clothes, Michael Irvin sexual assault case, Kehlani celebrates for Warriors, Warriors parade was violent, Lebron lies about never playing for super team and LaVar Ball trading cards.


  1. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J. Gilbert,

    Have fun watching Dwight’s goofy ass this season. Hopefully his quest to become a stretch 5 doesn’t completely turn into a shit show for the Hornets. The parking lot pimping he’s about to do at Charlotte area malls after school is about to be lit.

    Dan Gilbert is petty as hell, which we already knew. He knew he wasn’t going to bring David Griffin back and blocked him from getting better jobs. I hope the Predatory Loans Arena falls into a gigantic sink hole once Lebron leaves Cleveland.

    I hope the Cavs can find some kind of way to swing a Paul George rental for a year to make one last crack at the Warriors before Bron heads to Cali like the Fresh Prince. I imagine the female bartenders/waitresses/strippers etc in whatever city PG is traded to going through combine style training with “Lose Yourself” blasting in the background trying to get right for any encounters with George since he is prone to being caught slipping.

    Lastly I agree with Rod’s point on the show with JL yesterday about potentially watching less NFL games because the quality of the games has gone done, not because of a moral stance. I supported the Ravens through Coon Lewis potentially killing those two dudes, at a minimum not snitching on his friends. Jamal Lewis was trying to push weight while getting a 2,000 yard season. Terrence Cody with the animal abuse and of course Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée. But I will continue to watch fewer games because most of them are shitty and it gets me brownie points with my wife to go to brunch and do family shit on Sunday instead of falling asleep during 13 to 10 game.

    Anyway keep the shows coming and ya’ll be safe out there. Peace

  2. FalconsDiva

    What’s up Rod and J. Howard!

    Thanks for taking him off our hands. I’ll admit, I don’t know much about Plumlee and Belinelli, but I do know the Hawks melanin has been steadily decreasing over the past few years.

    I’m going to the Hawks draft party tomorrow night – this should be interesting.

    • FalconsDiva

      Oh, and on the NFL boycott. I totally understand the point you made with JL. For me, it’s the compilation of all that’s going on in the world and I think them bringing back Hank Williams brought me to a tipping point. I used to watch ALL the NFL football. Monday, Thursday and all day Sunday. The quality of the game did add a little apathy to my viewing last season. For example, instead of watching the rest of the NFL during our bye week, I went to a movie. But for the most part, if an NFL game was on, I was watching. Now, I don’t think I’ll get as much joy from the NFL with the Kaep black balling and Hank Williams back – coupled with the state of our country. The Falcons already got my money so I’ll be going to most of the games. I’ll see how I feel about further supporting the NFL when the season starts. Maybe I won’t be as emotional by then.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J.Durant

    My man won a title and had all the time in the world to go in on twitter. That was the kind of extra gear that Justin’s petty took last week. Listen if we’ve got villain Durant telling his critics to kiss the ring and talking about his fetishes on twitter sign me up.

    And shout out to the NBA off-season already being more entertaining than the playoffs. Paul George trying to force his way to new baby mama drama and y’all got that 3-point shooting you wanted with Dwight!! I’d go in harder on Rich Cho, but Phil is about to fuck up my franchise again so I can’t say shit.

    And that Legends of Chamberlain Heights byke dawg! Alright y’all appreciate the dope show as always. Hope you’re gonna take a real ass vacation one of these days.

    P.S. Shout out to the homie Bo on his last week on HQ

  4. Darienfoxx

    Justin, I know your Dwight Howard agenda will never die, but hold up. Charlotte just got a great defensive rebounder, and some high school girl just found the perfect date to junior prom.

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