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PG 101: I’m From Charlotte!

Rod and Justin discuss dressing up, Rod’s internship drama, Rod’s young dating struggles, Bulls vs Blazers, Claws, Invite Only Cabo, Chappelle stand up, The Leftovers, Kung Fu on Netflix, LHHATL, BBWLA and reality show news.


  1. Amani

    Negrocon was lit!! Need to start treating it like the nigga museum and get time passes, couldn’t even get to see everybody I wanted to and it was still amazing. Didn’t even want to take off my wristband like it was a dope concert I couldn’t let go off. I definitely got people who stay out by y’all so just let a nigga know!

    And look at Rod, master of the no-game game! Last week had my rolling because that shit was me. I used to have a whole ass notebook with all the rosters trying to figure out trades to do in Live and somehow had fine ass girls ask me out. Shit felt like a trap. Me? Why? Who’s around the corner about to laugh at this shit? But I never had anybody just start making out. That’s some next level shit.

  2. rodimusprime

    Just a quick note to let y’all know how you keep me in the loop. This past Saturday, they played a video with Cardi B in my hip hop video spin class. If it weren’t for PG, I would not have known who she is. Thank you for keeping me from looking like I’m out of touch LOL

    Speaking of spin, here’s a picture of how I attach my Fitbit to my shoe. My spin shoes have Velcro straps so it’s pretty secure. I clasp the strap on the tightest hole. When I put it on my regular shoes, I loop it through 2 rows of laces. I hope this helps.

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