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SMR 135: Spider-Man Homecoming

Rod and Karen review Spider-man’s first solo movie in the Marvel Universe! We also get to your feedback at the end.


  1. rodimusprime

    My son and I loved it!!! My man mad because we saw Dat SpideyBoi without him but he had to work then I had to go to work soooo yeah. But we could def see it again with him *smirky face*. Man, were my mommy senses tingling and my whooping hand itching that whole movie. That boy is hard headed than a mug! Boy sit yo mutant butt down! My heart was racing at moments mtmm mmmm SMH Dat SpideyBoi trying to kill me!

    Did y’all mention Fancy looking all juicy with her lil interracial family? Heyyy Fancy! But why her white guy gotta be a criminal though? Misogynoir MISOGYNOIR *Imani Gandy voice* j/k. My son pointed out that Donald Glover’s character is Miles Morales’ uncle. I did my Googles and by George he’s right! Maybe Miles Morales is around the corner then!

    Speaking of my 10 year old, he’s never been that crazy about Transformers. He loves most other actiony explosiony stuff but never had to sit through or unintentionally memorize nothing Transformer hmmm. Also he thinks he’s outgrowing Teen Titans Go, just when I’m getting into it, something like it’s too crass or corny or something (my heart)! But he loves Bob’s burgers and Steven Universe and Gumball so I guess I’ll keep him. By the way, he enjoys Layla’ s reviews.

    Ok that’s it,

    Miss Krysable

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    From my Baby Driver comments, OTP means one true pairing. ❤

    Saw Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was great, funny, and brown AF. His high school was a specialized science high school filled with Black, African, East Indian, Asian characters which is such a typical NYC experience. Nerd on nerd bullying is real. Lol.

    Bookine Woodbine was in this movie and I was so happy to see him. Get that Marvel franchise money, bruh. Hannibal Burress is so great with his dry delivery. Tom Holland was absolutely perfect and adorable as a teen Peter Parker. As a native New Yorker, i can honestly say that this movie felt authentically New York. Loved it and I was a HUGE FAN of the first 2 Sam Rami Spider-Man movies.

    My favorite part had to be when Vulture turned out to be Liz’s dad. Every one in the theater gasped.


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I loved your review of Spider-Man Homecoming almost as much as I loved the movie itself. I was one of those people who said, “Lord Why!” When I heard the franchise was being rebooted for the third time. I was never really a fan of the Tobey Macquire films because I couldn’t get past a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties playing a teenager. I thought Andrew Garfield was a vast improvement who unfortunately was still too old and sadly came to the role after the Macguire films left a bad taste in far too many mouths. I decided to give the film a try after seeing Tom Holland in Civil War and being impressed with both his youth and the way he played the role. Needless to say, I am so glad I paid to see this film. Everything about it was amazing (no pun intended) and I see so many possibilities for this reboot in terms of future films and cross-marketing potential. The casting was so spot on, Michael Keaton, Bokeen Woodbine, the young cast and even Aunt May (OG Aunt May could never have pulled off tha “What the F…” we got as the film closed out. Instead of people just complaining because they did not do a Miles Morales as Spider-Man movie, they need to look at how they have set up the potential for the many PoC who appear as characters. Bokeem can return as a major player, Vulture’s black wife and child(ren) could come back and be major players, Zendaya and the other cast members are being set up to be more than merger sidekicks. Hell, if they play it right, even Donald Glover could be brought back as an important character even if he never appears in any future films for more than ten minutes at a time.

    I was one of the lucky ones who got the Black Panther trailer and let me tell you, as good as that movie looked in the on-line trailer, it paled in comparison to what it looked like on the big screen. Can I tell you February 16, 2018 can not come fast enough, as this film is going to gets ALL MY MONEY. I know I will be seeing it at least three times. Once to see and enjoy; once to observe the reactions of others in the film and once just to support the blackness. Based on what I saw in the theater, I think this film will be massive. I say this because I was watching the reactions of not just the adults, but the non-black children in the theater. I heard so many kids quoting the release date and asking if they could see it. If their parents cave, regardless of how they might feel, Black Panther might just be the film to put the final nail in the coffin of the lie that black films can’t open big and dont have mass appeal. We have always known this, but maybe now studios will start seeing the true value in having us on screen as more than the sidekick , the comic relief, or the tragic figure.

  4. rodimusprime

    I hate comic book movies but thoroughly enjoyed spider-man homecoming. I was so glad they didn’t make everybody white. Once I saw that I was locked in.
    I’m up in Seattle for a coding conference and them white folks was talking too fucking much during the previews. These white folks bold AF and ignored the fuck outta me asking them to whisper. I ended up moving down to the front cuz if the movie was good and they kept talking I was gonna have to square up.
    Also the love interest, Laura Harrier was a welcomed sight. I hope her career takes off. She’s 27 and able to play a HS senior. But I hope she doesn’t get stuck in teen roles. She kinda looks like she could be Malia Obama’s big sister.
    Aight that’s all I got. My homegirl had me eating vegan ice cream last night and I’ve ridden in 5 priuses. I’m practically white at this point. I gotta get outta Seattle asap.


  5. rodimusprime

    I love y’all just got one thing I think y’all missed. Some folks are having problems with Donald Glover playing a criminal, it didn’t bother me. But if you paid attention to Karen’s scan of him during the deal that Spiderman interrupted it said he’s also know as a “The Prowler”. My geek radar went off instantly. Prowler was a guy who used tech and gadgets to steal high end valuables, a male cat woman. He’s always been a black guy in the books. Him and spiderman crossed paths a lot in the books and even helped each other out. I hope this means we’ll see Donald Glover in future Spiderman Films. That’s it for now Keep it, y’all are my inspiration!


    -Cory Bowens
    From The Canopy Podcast

  6. Amani

    Nigga! They mixed the Marvel Studios logo with the original Spider-Man theme song. I knew we were in for greatness from jump. When will people learn to stop doubting Marvel? Folks yelling the trailer showed too much? Nope.

    Iron Man gonna be in it too much? It’s literally a plot point that Peter can’t get a hold of Tony enough. What happened to Pepper in these movies? There she goes, still running the company.

    Donald Glover is another black man playing a criminal? Nigga that’s Miles’s uncle! We outchea! And Michael Keaton killed it. He had me agreeing with him in the car too, Peter you better leave this man alone and go get you that fine Black woman! And this was just the diversity opening act for Black Panther? Listen!

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