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BDS 214: Call Your Foul

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free-agency, Malcolm Jenkins on activism, Justin Kish shits in the cage, Melo wants to stay with his son, Lavar Ball on WWE, Lance Stephenson, tim Duncan, Belichick photo shoot, Drexler on super teams, Amber Rose thirst trap on KD, Cubs, Nike golf money, Jim Irsay was hacked, Portis was gone catch a body, Vanderbilt players shot over phone, Gronk feuding with Nike, old man wants to play in the NBA, Warren Sapp, Derek Fisher gets 2 counts of DUI, Dak faking autographs, RG3, Kapernick and Embiid takes on Lavar Ball.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaylanta

    How are you a basketball franchise in Atlanta and you keep being racist as fuck? You wonder why they can’t ever get good free agents down there, then you read stuff like this and it starts to make sense. If you don’t like niggas you’re in the wrong sport and the wrong market. They need to start breaking off FalconsDiva some free tickets or something for all these fuck ups.

    And Swaggy P and Javale together again? Aww shit, now I want the Warriors to call Gilbert and get the band back together! But what we really need is Agent Zero to start feuding with Lavar Ball. You know he’d be roasting him already for that summer league debut. And for as much as people saying Lavar is ruining his son’s money, I saw more people watching Lonzo’s summer league than talking about him in college all year. He’s the Kardashian of basketball and the more people claim to not care yet talk about everything he does he’s gonna keep winning.

    I think y’all might be onto something with this Duncan thing. What if his ex wife was cheating WITH the business manager and they were both scamming him outta his money. Alright y’all and hope you got that playlist ready cause niggas is still getting that schmoney!!

    P.S. Justin let me know when you coming up to New York. I got some spots for you.

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