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TNO 88: Kiss My Balls

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss the problem with some black male nerds, listener feedback, Inhuman’s trailer, Star Trek discovery, JCVD was fired from The Predator, Superman Red Son, Blade in the MCU, Tremors getting a TV show, Han Solo drama revealed, The Batman will be a detective, Transformers helped Harrit Tubman, Quicksilver will return, Dead or Alive 4D smells, Image comic controversy, Valerian company post lost, Michelle Rodriguez on Fast and Furious, Wonder Woman making money, Lightsaber sells for 450K, Patty Jenkins will direct Wonder Woman 2, Death Note, Vin Diesel supports Rodriguez, Minecraft creator is a dick, Star Fox 2 announced, Google fine 2.7 billion, Hannibal Buress hires double, Nintendo Switch should outsell XBox One, Assassin’s Creed anime, Godzilla anime, Death Note in America, Renner breaks arms, #JusticeForHan, Captain America, Sega Forever, Joan Lee dies and Eve Online.


  1. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod Kriss and Aaron,

    First off wanna thank Aaron my feedback was to late last week but I spoke wit him at NegroCon about building a gaining PC and I did it and nigga I don’t know what took so long. Played a couple of games I had on the PS4 and it like I’m in a whole new world. Also have y’all heard of a game called subnautica it’s basically a survival game on a alien planet that is seemingly all water and u gotta scuba to gather resources to build habitats, weapons and food. It’s got some cool twist and the graphics are incredible.

    Second what was y’all favorite trailer coming out of Comic Con.. I know Kriss’s is That Black Panther by his twitter reaction… but that leaked infinity war trailer looked lit too. Also somebody needs to tell nerds that as questionable as DC/WB is they wouldn’t put Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart in Justice League as a surprise with no casting announcements for either character. Ppl really think that’s who Alfred was talking to at the end when to me it’s clearly Superman.

    Anyway keep up the good work,


  2. Amani

    Maaaaan fuck Kriss. I love him, and the coverage was great, but I’m gonna be mad at him seeing that Black Panther footage until next February. They should make a commercial of just the cast reacting to that shit for the first time. Disney about to make AWL the money!! Shit, I’ve been in the minority on liking the first two Thor movies, but that new trailer? Nigga!! They said fuck being humble, we’re going full God mode. They saw that shaky CGI in the last act of Wonder Woman and decided to sweep the leg.

    And speaking of DC… do we really have to? They still acting like that bullshit Flash movie is ever going to happen, Affleck may or may not be on his way out, and they’re basically trying to remake the whole Justice League movie on the fly. They’re your ain’t shit cousin who got a new job, but you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Got me out here reading the news like Charley looking at Ralph Angel.

    Alright folks, appreciate the show as always. And if you hear about a grown man slapping kids outta the way in Disney Star Wars world, don’t judge me alright.

  3. csick

    I played the Demo of Re-Core a while ago and liked it, but never got around to buying it. Thanks for the warning, I will not be buying it now. I could not agree more that ME:A got way too much criticism when that game was actually really fun, but there are a lot of trash-ass games that skate by.

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