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1491: Penis Penis Penis

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Rod and Karen discuss more Usher revelations, Rick Ross on female artists, Pittsburgh water contamination, Walking Dead lawsuit, Kamala Harris prison reform initiatives, good news for HIV positive people, Madonna came for Whitney, mom hit with death threats over Obamacare, Kathryn Bigelow directing Detroit, racist graffiti, mayoral candidate says go back to Africa, Coco Austin, mom dies of flesh eating disease, security guard poses as cop, cop fired for Snap Chat post and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m with Karen about Detroit. Even looking at the promos had me turning the channel because its just too close to what’s happening today and it just gets exhausting watching black plain portrayed over and over again especially through the white gaze. Plus it doesn’t help that black women have once again been erased from the narrative. No thanks.

  2. Trey_Swindu

    Thank you Karen for what you said about folks not wanting to watch ‘Detroit’ that summed up my feelings perfectly!

    Kudos to Rod for being willing to watch that and Confederate ,I just couldn’t do it myself(shrugs)

    Much love to you guys and thanks for being you


  3. Andrea B.

    The highlight of my week was finding out where the title “Penis, penis, penis” came from. Gahdam, Karen I was in tears!!!

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    My understanding of the issues people have with Katheryn Bigelow directing Detroit, is not her whiteness per se as too often, our films can’t get made without whiteness attached to it, but rather that in typical white woman fashion, black women are all but non-existent in the movie. To then have, once again in typical fashion, a black man, in this case Micheal Eric Dyson caping for her, serves as the icing on the F’ You cake Bigelow dealt to black women.

  5. Ronald McNair Scholars

    @iTasha….Karen is on fiya!

  6. iTashaNicole

    Queen Karen said, in a most hilarious voice, “he’s just a man wiping his dick and showing his balls” …..”But a vagina – shut those lips woman”. I have to ask which lips Karen, both sets or what lmbo. ❤️you guys!

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