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TNO 89: The Problem With Valerian

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Black Lightning, Titans getting 13 episodes, Dark Tower TV show, Tobey Maguire shade, Rey not in the Monopoly game, Ryan Reynolds in Rainbow Six, The Batman, Marvel Land, Tyrese, Doctor Who, Blomkamp wants to do a Halo movie, Silver and Black, Shazam won’t have the Rock, Channing Tatum wants to do Gambit, The Gifted, Channing Tatum wanted for Van Helsing, Xbox software sales up, Robotech live action, Thor: Ragnarok writing credit, Captain Marvel, Doom movie, Supergirl LGBT controversy, Calista Flockhart returning to Supergirl, Princeless movie, Marvel vs Capcom, The Flash will be fun, zebrafish could help spinal cord injuries, Iron Fist renewed, iPhones won’t work will driving soon, Mothra movie and net neutrality.


  1. Amani

    Kriss coming back from San Diego flying with those Doctor Who hot takes!! But I can’t lie the most surprising thing he said is that we’ve got him on board with The Gifted? Never thought I’d see the day. I guess with Inhumans looking so damn shaky there’s a chance for the impossible.

    And I know better to bet against Disney at this point, but I don’t know if all these companies starting their own streaming services is really gonna work the way they think it is. Everybody doesn’t have the catalog and leg up that Netflix does and I just don’t see it as the new business model.

    P.S. Aaron keep speaking that Wakandan podcast gig into existence. We still got 6 months

  2. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss and Aaron,

    Have you guys been reading Batgirl in Rebirth??? I kno we give DC a lot of grief but this may be one of the more progressive books in mainstream publication out. None of the women are oversexualized yet they still have agency, it’s written by a women Barbs best friend and thhe brains of the operation is black and he other two close friends are a married couple one is a lesbian woman and the other is a trans women. They even have a Panel when the couple goes to a fertility clinic and the ppl misgender her there and they call it out. They also have a Panel of These white ppl who gentrified burnside talking about all the chairty they do for ppl outside the country and Barbara basically said y’all are still shitty ppl for gentrifying this neighborhood. There are also reports that Joss Wheden wants to use Alysia in the Batgirl film which would make her the first trans chacracter in a super hero film. After the breakfast club stuff reading this was pretty dope.

    Lastly did you see the reports that John Ridley secret project may be a Ms. Marvel tv show? Some of the sources are questionable but if so that’s really gonna piss these dude bros off.

    Thanks for everything


  3. btouch

    So awesome I finally get to hear The Nerd Off every week! THisi s a great show, you guys!

    -Rod is right in that we don’t need a “Shazam!” film, but I want one anyways lol. “The Power of Shazam!” was my favorite comic book series when I was a kid, and I think the concept could work as a film, taking some inspirations from not just Superman, but the “Harry Potter” series and the “Power Rangers” as well (when it comes to the Shazam Family, whom they a. better use and b. better include Darla, the Black girl they added for the New 52 reboot). I’m concerned that not using Black Adam in the first film will make it a harder sell, but the biggest movie star in Hollywood wants his own movie, so there you are. And I won’t lie; a Black Adam movie could be great (GREAT), and since the Shazam! films are being made by New Line Cinema and not Warner Bros. proper, it could be their (New Line’s) thing to “own” and they can tie the Justice League Dark film(s) they’re making into it as well, since they’re all magic-based (aside: Justice League Dark better get Zatanna right – do y’all think they’ll subtitle her magic spells?). As for which villain they’ll use instead for Shazam – it’ll have to be Dr. Sivana, which works since the DCEU’s Lex Luthor isn’t the traditional Lex Luthor, and Luthor and Sivana are more than a little similar.

    -re: Thor and the writers’ credit discrepancy: the WGA arbitration process requires each writer seeking screen credit to prove that they wrote at least a third of the material used in the final production draft, which requires a lot of reading and meetings. And since screen credit determines who gets royalties when the movie goes to home media and plays on TV, so I understand Stephany Folsom’s anger at Marvel. She may not end up with screen credit in the end, but the WGA will need to ultimately determine that.

  4. Mwangangi

    See, this is why I fucks with you Kriss. I don’t fuck with Who.

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