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PG 107: Team Tasha

Rod and Justin discuss Trump’s latest bullshit, YMCA stories, Basketball Wives, LHHH, Insecure, Snowfall and Legends.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Scaramucci,

    Yall gonna be watching that American Negro Warrior? I can’t stand this show, every episode I expect them to reuse characters from season 1 but they keep adding new ones and the shit is hilarious. Why did they make Grover’s dad a mix between OJ and Farrakhan? And this nigga was a savage on the court. Have yall ever played against an old man as bad as Marvin? Shit, have yall ever seen a Father and son play like that at the Y?

    Now to support these black women! What’d yall think of that argument between the Bordelon family over that will? Again, I was worried for Darla like I’m worried about the future of Greyworm and Missandei, but Ralph Angel was fuckin up. I need him to stop ego-trippin and accept help from his sisters.

    Justin, I might be team Molly but only for superficial reasons. She was looking noice in those dresses and pants. I like how her coworkers aren’t generic evil white men but you already know how hard it’ll be for her to get inside the boys club. Chad is the real MVP of this episode, “it has two bedrooms, one for you and one for your feelings.” As good as this one was, I can’t wait for next week when Lawrence goes to Tasha’s cookout. He ain’t gonna make it.

    Peace yall,


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod & Jay Travis! https://twitter.com/claytravis/status/892504420776382464

    I watched this week’s episode of Basketball Wives and Shaunie & Evelyn were gooooooodddd. When Jackie decided to talk out the side of her mouth and say something bout Shaunie, I immediately thought, “She must don’t want them checks anymore”. I love how Malaysia and Tami sat down and ironed out their differences.

    I also watched Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and Alexis Skyy only referring to her nemesis as Ho-sika is peeeetttty and I love it! Ray J returned and I hope he hires some great writers for his collab with Nasal E.

    Claws was very good also. I laughed hard as hell when Dean said, “An orgasm is a release Des”. Polly dropping the “Rednecks have nine lives” line was the quote of the episode. Speaking of Polly, y’all think her and Dr. Ken gonna keep fucking? Last thing, y’all peep DJ Envy using light-skin privilege to become an “ain’t my fault” all-star? During the infamous segment with Duval, Envy was the one who help the book cover up and said, “Tell me she isn’t pretty” fueling Duval’s display of toxic masculinity and somehow, most of the vitriol has been directed at Charlamagne. I only saw the full clip because it proceeded the Side Chicks of Charlotte interview. Justin, I hope you don’t know annnnyyy of those women. We need you safe in these streets.

    Keep up the good work y’all.

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  3. Paris619

    Hey Rod, Justin, & possibly Ms. Karen look forward to Pregame & BDS every week. In Claws the crazy white chick that took care of Roller, is the same crazy white chick from Atlanta the Justin Bieber episode. Love love the shows keep them coming.

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